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Monday, April 29, 2013

BN Sabah berdepan laluan sukar di 10 kerusi Parlimen

Kota Kinabalu: After seven days of campaigning in the 13th general election, polling for which is on May 5, the Sabah Barisan Nasional (BN) led by Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman is now in the driving seat for the political battle in the State.

The Sabah BN, which is facing a seemingly disunited Opposition, looks set to retain power in the state, thus enabling it to live up to the tag of being "the fixed deposit" of the BN.

Despite the opposition pact's onslaught for the parliamentary battle, Sabah BN is likely to win most of the seats won in the 2008 general election. However, the BN expects tough fights for the Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan, Tawau, Beaufort, Tuaran, Penampang, Sepanggar, Pensiangan, Kota Belud and Kota Marudu parliamentary seats.

This is the analysis of some political observers in Sabah, based on the local political scenario, whereby it is probably the most crowded in the State's electoral history.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Situasi di Sabah, saya sudah boleh tidur lena, kata Najib

RANAU: Datuk Seri Naijib Tun Razak said he can now sleep well knowing that the people in Sabah are still firmly behind Barisan Nasional (BN).

“I am proud to see in these two days that Sabah is very convincing. Tonight I can sleep well,” he said in his speech here yesterday where he concluded a two-day whirlwind campaign swing through interior Sabah for the May 5 general election.

Indeed, BN appeared to be the choice of the voters here if the positive response to the Prime Minister’s visit was anything to go by in gauging the support for the coalition.

Najib, who on Tuesday visited Kuala Penyu, Bongawan and Kota Kinabalu before proceeding yesterday to Tenom, Keningau and here, said the display of solid support from the local communities who showed up in huge numbers at every place he visited had ultimately disproved claims by the opposition parties that they had the stronger support of the voters.

“The opposition said they will capture Sabah. I know that in elections everyone will try to show that they can win but if it’s true Sabah may fall to the opposition, there must be some signs,” he said.

“Maybe not many will show up when I come to visit, not many will be interested to shake hands with me, and if we shout our slogan Tatap BN the people will not shout it with us.

“But on the contrary, people have been showing up in great numbers since I came, people were so eager to greet and shake hands with me that some almost didn’t want to let go of my hand. When we say Tatap BN, people responded in high spirits, showing to us that BN is still strong in Sabah,” he said.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman, in his welcoming remarks at the event, expressed the same confidence, saying the electorates in Sabah had continued to support BN due its people-oriented approach in planning and implementing development programmes and various schemes to help ease the burden of the people.

He stressed the BN’s manifesto and Aku Janji were inclusive and complete, covering all aspects and every group of the society, including those in Sabah and even specifically Ranau.

Musa said the people of Sabah also appreciated the sincerity, sensitivity and commitment of the BN leadership towards Sabah, in particular the Prime Minister who had always tirelessly visited the state to meet and listen to its people.

“The Prime Minister does not know the meaning of being tired; he just wants to meet as many Sabahans as he can. Even though he is busy with party duties, especially now the election is near, he never forgot the people in Sabah.

“That is why the people of Sabah is grateful to him and everywhere he goes thousands and thousands of people come to greet him,” he said.

At the event Najib also announced that a special Aku Janji will be added for Ranau, under which BN pledges to build a 82km alternative road connecting the district and Kota Kinabalu as an addition to the existing Ranau-Tamparuli road.

SWP mahu sabotaj Pakatan Rakyat

PR supporters have been reminded to be wary of the so-called message by SWP stating that the party is PR-friendly.

State KEADILAN chief Baru Bian yesterday pointed out that the party received several reports from the ground claiming that SWP was trying to portray itself as being PR-friendly at election campaigns in the six seats they are contesting.

“I wish to state here that SWP is not a part of PR. All their claims are not true,” he told a teleconferencing here.

Meanwhile, in another tele-conferencing at the same venue later, State PKR information chief Vernon Aji Kedit demanded SWP declare its stand on this ‘PR-friendly’ issue.

“The alleged modus operandi used by SWP campaigners is to inform voters in the constituencies of Sri Aman, Lubok Antu, Julau, Kanowit, Hulu Rajang and Selangau that SWP candidates are Pakatan-friendly and should they win these parliamentary seats, they would promise to give the DUN state seats within these parliamentary constituencies to the current parliamentary candidates fielded by KEADILAN.”

SWP, which is targeting all the six seats allocated to BN-PRS, are also facing PKR candidates in those seats during this election.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

MIC Sabah tuntut jawatan Senator

KOTA KINABALU: The Sabah State Government has again been urged to consider giving a nominated state seat to Sabah Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC) or appointing a senator from the party.

Sabah State MIC Youth chief Taren Sunil Manoharan, who made the call, noted that the movement had made several appeals on this matter to the State Government in the past and hoped that there will be a positive response this time.

He also asked the State Government to support the issuing of Permanent Residence or granting MyKads to Indians who have been residing in Sabah for generations and contributing significantly towards the state economy.

“Sabah MIC Youth will leave it to the experience and wisdom of our state and national leaders to consider our requests on both these matters,” he said.

With the 13th General Election just weeks away, Taren also appealed to all voters, especially the youth, to choose and vote carefully and wisely.

“I am sure voters realize that their choice of candidates will significantly affect the future of our country and future generations,” he said.

“Most of our youth today are internet savvy and constantly browse the countless internet portals for the latest developments and information on the election. However, please don’t be swayed by all the postings as many of the so-called news are unsubstantiated propaganda aimed at discrediting the authorities. Some are even downright lies meant to negate all the good work that the BN Government has been doing.

“By all means read what you want in the internet but don’t just simply believe everything in there. Don’t just follow your heart and make rash decisions or you will endure the consequences for the next five years,” he said.

“We have to really sit up and look at the facts and figures. The BN government under our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has actually made major changes and implemented a lot of programmes and schemes to help improve our country and boost the living standard of all Malaysians, especially the less fortunate,” he stressed.

Taren pointed to the numerous projects that have been implemented such as the 1Malaysia clinics and shops, BR1M, TUKAR, book and handphone vouchers, cash aid and netbooks for students and a host of other programmes geared towards uplifting the living standards of everyone.

“No matter what detractors might say, the fact is that these goodies have actually been delivered. They have definitely helped ease the hardships of many of our citizens. Janji Ditepati,” insisted the MIC Sabah Youth chief.

“Don’t vote for change just for the sake of changing. It is just a political slogan by those with an agenda of their own. Look at the facts and figures with an open mind and you can see that the policies of the BN government have produced considerable benefits to the rakyat,” he stressed.

“Furthermore, the substantial and regular contributions by the BN government to temples, churches, associations and vernacular schools prove that the BN is a government for all races,” he added.

Calon Star berdepan tindakan undang-undang

Kota Kinabalu: At least two Star Sabah candidates contesting the 13th general election are still facing charges in the courts.
Martin Tommy, who is contesting the Pensiangan parliament seat, is currently facing a cheating charge over a land matter under Section 420 of the Penal Code, which carries a jail term of between one and 10 years, and whipping and liability of a fine on conviction.
He had on March 7, this year claimed trial to the charge at the Magistrate's Court here and is awaiting trial.
The other candidate, Phillip Among, who is contesting the Kapayan State seat, is also facing a similar charge and his defence was called recently.
His lawyer, when contacted, said he did not wish to comment on the matter.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Calon BN DUN Tanjung Aru langgar undang-undang pilihanraya, kata calon KEADILAN

KOTA KINABALU: It is illegal to employ ‘scare tactics’ to fish for votes, said Pakatan Rakyat’s candidate for the Tanjung Aru state seat, Hamid Ismail.

He alleged at a press conference yesterday that Barisan Nasional (BN) is employing scare tactics which he described as illegal under the law.

Hamid, who is also a lawyer, described Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak’s statement that the country would be doomed if the people trust the opposition as a scare tactic used to incite the people’s fear and mentioned that this was a serious offence.

He said that Malaysia is a democratic country and the tactic of inciting fear in the people should not be used.

He cited Section 4a (1) of the Election Offences Act 1954 which states that anyone who, before, during or after the general elections, whether explicitly or implicitly, through himself or other parties, perform any act or make any statements with the intention or the inclination to incite malice or dissatisfaction or hostility to people who are in the same community or in different communities or in the same group or different groups of Malaysian citizens to encourage voters to vote or not vote in a general election or to gain votes are subject to imprisonment not exceeding five years or fined not exceeding RM10,000, or both.

Wilfred tubuh parti baru selepas PRU13, dakwa Ansari

KOTA KINABALU: The issue over the tussle for the Tuaran parliamentary seat continues, with Tuaran PKR division chief Ansari Abdullah indicating the possibility of the PKR candidate Datuk Seri Wilfred

Bumburing leaving PKR to set up his own party after the 13th General Election (GE13).

Ansari claimed that Bumburing, who is president of NGO Angkatan Perubahan Sabah (APS), had failed to fulfill a promise to let him contest the seat.

Speaking at a news conference at his office, (24 april 2013) Ansari said Bumburing had promised to let him contest the seat on the grounds that he did not wish to shuttle between Kuala Lumpur and Kota Kinabalu as he wanted to spend more time with his mother following the death of his father and also because he had recently undergone treatment for a knee ailment.

He also questioned the position of Bumburing, who had won the Tuaran seat in the 2008 general election on a Barisan Nasional (BN) ticket and then joined the opposition on July 23 last year.

Ansari said the decision of his daughter, Erveana Ansari Ali, who is Tuaran PKR Youth chief, to contest the Tuaran seat as an independent candidate was to save the party.

In this general election, polling for which is on May 5, Erveana and Bumburing have company in the fight for the Tuaran seat in Datuk Madius Tangau of the BN and Samin alias Jasmin Dulin of Parti Reformasi Sabah (STAR).

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

1/3 DUN Sabah mampu di tawan Pakatan

Penampang: The Democratic Action Party (DAP) is confident the party and its partners will win one third of the 60 State Assembly seats in the May 5 polls.
Its Sec-Gen Lim Guan Eng said they are working hard to reach the target and eyeing more State seats in the 13th General Election.

"We (Pakatan Rakyat) are also focused on attempting to win 10 Parliament seats each in Sabah, Sarawak and Johor.

"Hence, we are calling on Sabah people to give us a chance to bring changes to the State and the Federal Government by voting for us in the May 5 election," he told a press conference at the DAP Sabah headquarters in Bundusan, here, Monday.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Calon Umno cucu saya, kata calon KEADILAN

Ketua Puteri Umno Malaysia Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin, calon Barisan Nasional (BN) bagi kerusi Parlimen Papar menghadapi dua pencabar dari parti pembangkang untuk merebut kerusi itu pada Pilihan Raya Umum ke-13 (PRU-13).

Rosnah, 41, penyandang kerusi Parlimen Papar merupakan cucu kepada pencabar utamanya bekas Timbalan Menteri persekutuan yang juga pemimpin veteran Datuk Yahya Lampong, 72, dari Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR).

Selain itu beliau juga akan dicabar calon Parti Reformasi Negeri Saawak (STAR) Balon Mujim, 54.

Rosnah mengemukakan kertas pencalonan pada jam 9.04 pagi, diikuti Balon jam 9.22 pagi dan kemudiannya Yahya pada jam 9.26 pagi di Pusat Penamaan Calon Dewan Masyarakat Papar, di sini, kelmarin.

Pencalonan pemimpin wanita itu dicadang oleh Haji Mashum Abu Ali dan disokong oleh Gilbert Sham.

Pengisytiharan keputusan penamaan calon diumumkan oleh Pegawai Pengurus Bahagian Pilihan Raya P.175 Papar Iman Ali, pada jam 11.10 pagi.

“Saya tidak menerima sebarang bantahan dan tiada bantahan dikemukakan terhadap pencalonan ketiga-tiga mereka, dengan itu saya mengesahkan mereka bertanding dalam Parlimen P.175 Papar pada 5 Mei ini,” katanya.

Beliau berpuas hati dengan disiplin kesemua calon sama ada BN atau pembangkang yang bertanding di Parlimen Papar, Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Kawang dan DUN Pantai Manis yang tidak membenarkan penyokong memasuki dewan itu.

Pada pilihan raya 2008 Rosnah memenangi kerusi Parlimen Papar dengan memperolehi 15,352 undi menewaskan dua calon Bebas dan seorang calon pembangkang dari PKR.

Parlimen Papar mempunyai 38, 771 pengundi berdaftar yang majoritinya masyarakat bumiputera Sabah iaitu Dusun, Kadazan, Bajau dan Brunei dan kaum Melayu, Cina, India dan kaum-kaum lain.

Berdasarkan statistik Suruhanjaya Pilihan Raya Malaysia, kebanyakan pengundi di Parlimen Papar berumur antara 30 – 39 tahun iaitu 25.36 peratus, diikuti pengundi berumur 40-49 tahun (23.50 peratus) dan pengundi muda berusia 21 hingga 29 tahun.

Ketika ditemui pemberita Rosnah berkata, beliau akan berusaha untuk mempertahankan kerusi Parlimen Papar dan memastikan kemenangan BN pada pilihan raya ini untuk kesinambungan pembangunan di kawasan itu.

“Saya akan teruskan pelbagai perancangan untuk daerah Papar dan menyelesaikan masalah-masalah rakyat di kawasan ini termasuk untuk golongna muda dan yang tidak bekerja.

“Kita juga akan memastikan rakyat di daerah ini terus menerima pembangunan melalui program transformasi yang disediakan kerajaan pusat dan negeri,” katanya.

Sementara itu Yahya berkata, dia yakin dapat memenangi hati rakyat di kawasan itu yang kebanyakannya pengundi Bajau, Brunei dan Dusun.

“Penyokong PKR adalah menyeluruh … semua kaum. Rosnah adalah cucu saya dan berdasarkan umur, saya lebih tua daripada mereka,” katanya yang mula berkecimpung dalam bidang politik pada tahun 1980an.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

hanya dua kerusi di Sabah saksikan pertandingan satu lawan satu

P.172      KOTA KINABALU  (3 penjuru)
BN – Chin Teck Ming
STAR – Michael Liew
DAP – Wong Sze Phin

P.174      PENAMPANG  (3 penjuru)
BN – Bernard Giluk Dompok
STAR – Melanie Annol
PKR – Darell Leiking

P.177      BEAUFORT  (3 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Azizah Mohd Dun
STAR – Guan Dee bin Koh Hoi
PKE – Datuk Lajim Ukin

P.180      KENINGAU  (3 penjuru)
BN – Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan
STAR – Gapari bin Katingan @ Geoffrey Kitingan
PKR – Stephen Sandor

P.182      PENSIANGAN  (4 penjuru)
BN – Tan Sri Joseph Kurup
STAR – Martin Tomy @ Tommy
PKR – Richard Sakian bin Gunting
Bebas – Fatimah binti Agitor @ Mohd Daud

P.184      LIBARAN  (4 penjuru)
Bn – Datuk Juslie Ajirol
STAR – Rosnah Unsari
PKR – Mohd Serman Hassnar
Bebas – Sahar Saka

P.186      SANDAKAN
BN – Liew Vui Keong
DAP – Wong Tien Fatt

P.189      SEMPORNA  (3 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Seri Mohd Safie Apdal
PKR – Zamree @ Mohd Suffian Abdul Habi
Bebas – Datu Badaruddin Tun Datu Mustapha

P.190      TAWAU  (4 penjuru)
BN – Yap Kain Ching @ Mary Yap Ken Jin
SAPP – Datuk Dr Chua Soon Bui
PKR – Kong Hong Ming @ Kong Fo Min
Bebas – Ahmad bin Awang @ Madon

P.191      KALABAKAN  (7 penjuru)
Bn – Datuk Abdul Ghapur Salleh
STAR – Malvine Reyes
PAS – Usman Madeaming
Bebas – Mohd bin Manuke
Bebas – Freedie Japat anak Simol
Bebas – Yahya Zainal
Bebas – Siamsir Borhan
N01        BANGGI  (5 penjuru)
BN – Abd Mijul Unaini
STAR – Datu Mohd Arifin Datu Abdul Salam
SAPP – Jae-Ly Medong
PKR – Datu Abdul Razak Datu Abdul Salam
Bebas – Mursalim Tanjul

N02        TANJONG KAPOR  (6 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Teo Chee Kang
STAR – Hendiri @ Hendry bin Minar
BERSAMA – Zainal bin Nasiruddin
SAPP – Tsen Heng Chong @ Peter Tsen
PKR – Chin Chong Kui @ William Chin
Bebas – Alexandra @ Alexander Anthony

N03        PITAS  (5 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Bolkiah bin Ismail
STAR – Maklin bin Masiau
PAS – Dausieh binti Queck @ Paraman
SAPP – Johnes @ Onis bin Piut
KITA – Awang Latip bin Abdul Salam

N04        MATUNGGONG  (5 penjuru)
BN – Sarapin Magana
STAR – Marunsai Dawai
SAPP – Richard Jiun
PKR – Jelin Dasanap @ Jelani Hamdan
Bebas – Jolius Majawai

N05        TANDEK  (4 penjuru)
BN – Lasiah Baranting @ Anita
STAR – Jebon Janaun
SAPP – Yapolai Kundapit @ Henry
PKR – Anthony Pilit @ Anthony Biri Mandiau

N06        TEMPASUK  (4 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Musbah Jambli
STAR – Suwah Buleh @ Bulleh
SAPP – Abdul Malik Mohed
PAS – Laiman Ikin

N07        KADAMAIAN  (4 penjuru)
BN – Timbon @ Herbert Langadan
STAR – Rubbin Guribah
SAPP – Peter Marajin @ Peter Marazing
PKR – Ukoh @ Jeremy bin Malajad @ Malazad

N08        USUKAN  (3 penjuru)
BN – Datuk MD Salleh MD Said
STAR – Bakhruddin bin Ismail
PKR – Mustapha @ Mohd Yunus bin Sakmud

N09        TAMPARULI  (5 penjuru)
BN – JAHID @ Noordin Jahim
STAR – Linggu @ Edward Bukut
SAPP – Stephan Gaimin
PKR – Mojilip Bumburing @ Wilfred
Bebas – James Ongkili Jr

N10 SULAMAN  (3 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Hajiji bin Haji Noor
STAR – David bin Orok
PKR – Gulabdin @ Ghulabdin bin Enjih
Bebas – Ariffin bin Harith
Bebas – Ali Akbar bin Kawi

N11        KIULU  (3 penjuru)
BN – Joniston Lumai @ Bangkuai
SAPP – Tindil Gonsobil
PKR – Rhodes Panilau

N12        KARAMBUNAI  (5 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Jainab Ahmad
SAPP – Aziz Ibrahim
PKR – Muali Aching
Bebas – Ag Maidin Ag Apong
Bebas – Rano Susulan

N13        INANAM  (3 penjuru)
BN – Joseph bin Paulus Lantip
SAPP – Enchin bin Majimbun @Eric
PKR – Roland Chia Ming Shen

N14        LIKAS  (4 penjuru)
BN – Chin Shu Ying
STAR – Ho Cheong Tshun
SAPP – Yong Teck Lee
DAP – Wong Hong Jun

N15        API-API  (5 penjuru)
BN – Yee Moh Chai
STAR – Felix Chong Kat Fah
SAPP – Wong Yit Ming
PKR – Liew Chin Jin
Bebas – Marcel Jude a/l MS Joseph

N16        LUYANG  (4 penjuru)
BN – Shim Tshin Nyuk @ Agnes Shim
STAR – Jafery bin Jomion
SAPP – Chia Chui Ket
DAP – Hiew King Cheu

N17        TANJONG ARU  (4 penjuru)
BN – Yong Oui Fah
STAR – Salleh Tiasi @ Tiaseh
SAPP – Yong We Kong
PAS – Hamid Ismail

N18        PETAGAS  (3 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Yahyah @ Yahya bin Hussein @ Ag Husin
STAR – Awang Ahmad Sah
PKR – Mat Yunin @ Mohd Yunin bin Atin

N19        KAPAYAN  (4 penjuru)
BN – Edward Khoo Keok Hai
STAR – Phillip Among @ Daniel Dell Fideus
DAP –Edwin @ Jack Bosi
SAPP – Chong Pit Fah

N20        MOYOG  (4 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Philip Benedict Lasimbang
STAR – Bernard Lawrence Solibun
PKR – Terrence Alon Siambun
SAPP – Danim @ Aloysius bin Siap

N21        KAWANG  (4 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Gulamhaidar @ Yusof Khan Bahadar
STAR – Akop Damsah @ Yakup Damsah
SAPP – Edward Dagul
PKR – Kefli @ Dzulkefli Safar

N22        PANTAI MANIS  (4 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Abdul Rahim Ismail
STAR – Baharudin @ Baharuddin Nayan
SAPP – Norizal Mohd Noor
PKR – Fred Gabriel

N23        BONGAWAN  (4 penjuru)
BN – Mohamad Alamin
STAR – Assim @ Hassim Matali
SAPP – Awang Talip Awang Bagul
PKR – Tan Sri Ibrahim Menudin

N24        MEMBAKUT  (4 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Mohd Arifin bin Mohd Arif
STAR – Jaapar bin Ag Gador
SAPP – Banjimin Ondoi
PKR – Narawi @ Sinar bin Ahmad

N25        KLIAS  (4 penjuru)
BN – Isnin binAliasnih @ Liasnih
STAR – Aliapa bin Osman
SAPP – Mohd Sanusi bin Taripin
PKR – Datuk Lajim Ukin

N26        KUALA PENYU  (5 penjuru)
BN – Limus Jury
STAR – Ining Sinten @ Alexander Sintin
PKR – Johan @ Christopher O.T. Ghani
Bebas – Jusbian Kenneth
Bebas – MD Tajuddin MD Walli

N27        LUMADAN  (6 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Kamarlin Ombi
STAR – Mohd Jaafar Ibrahim
SAPP – Jamain Sarudin
PKR – Abdul Rahman MD Yakub
Bebas – Rapahi Edris
Bebas – Saudi Suhaili

N28        SINDUMIN  (4 penjuru)
BN – Ahmad Bujang
STAR – Semion @ Fred Semion Sakai
SAPP – Made @ Hamdi Sidik
PKR – Harunsah Ibrahim

N29        KUNDASANG  (6 penjuru)
BN – Joachim Gunsalam
STAR – Jain Sauting
SAPP – Japiril bin Suhaimin
PKR – Satiol bin Indong
Bebas – Cleftus Stephen Spine
Bebas – Sam bin Hondou

N30        KARANAAN  (4 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Masidi bin Manjun @ Masdi
STAR – Jalibin bin Paidi
PKR – Muhiddin @ Mohd Anas bin Yusin
Bebas – Mat Jaili bin Samat

N31        PAGINATAN  (4 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Siringan Bin Gubat @ Aliance
STAR –  Pedderin @ Feddrin Tuliang @ Tuling
PKR – Amru Abd Kadir
Bebas – Yazid Sahjinan

N32        TAMBUNAN  (5 penjuru)
BN – Joseph Pairin Kitingan
STAR – Nestor Joannes
PKR – Wilfren Win Ponil
Bebas – Koh Kui Tze @ Francis Koh Kui Tze
Bebas – Justin Yonsoding

N33        BINGKOR  (4 penjuru)
BN – Kennedy Jie John @ Kenn
STAR – Gapari Katingan @ Geoffery Kitingan
PKR – Ahmad Shah Hussein Tambakau
Bebas – Ricky @ Roland Sedomon

N34        LIAWAN  (5 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Sapin @ Sairin Karano @ Karno
STAR – Nicholas James Guntobon
SAPP – Payket Yadiloh @ Jahari Tahir
PKR – Paul Bunsu Gitang @ Paul Gitang
Bebas – Nusleh Madarak

N35        MELALAP  (3 penjuru)
BN – Radin Malleh
SAPP – Roger Stimin
DAP – Noorita Sual

N36        KEMABONG (4 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Rubin Balang
STAR – Tay Jin Kiong @ Alfred
SAPP – William Ensor Tingkalor
PKR – Biou Suyan

N37        SOOK  (4 penjuru)
BN – Ellron Angin
STAR – Kustin Ladi
PKR – Liberty @ Alibi Lopog
Bebas – Rusayidi Abdullah

N38        NABAWAN  (5 penjuru)
BN – Bobbey Ah Fang Suan
STAR – George Eram @ George Iram
BERSAMA – Sidum Manjin
PKR – Raymond Ahuar
Bebas – Fatimah Agitor @ Mohd Daud

N39        SUGUT  (5 penjuru)
BN – Datuk James Ratib
STAR – Masiawan Kunching
PKR – Pagrios @ Petrus Zabang
Bebas – Datu Kamaruddin Datu Mustapha
Bebas – Abdul Rahman Atang

N40        LABUK  (3 penjuru)
BN – Metah @ Michael Asang
STAR – Pinus Gondili
PKR – Tang Yung Hi @ Tan Yong Gee

N41        GUM-GUM  (3 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Zakaria Edris
STAR – Hassan Hami @ Hamid
PKR – Ahmad Thamrin @ Tamrin Mohd Jaini

N42        SUNGAI SIBUGA  (5 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Seri Musa Aman
STAR – Mohd Roslan Yussof
SAPP – A.M. Jafar @ Damaid Juana
PKR – Irwanshah Mustapha Ahmad
Bebas – Mohd Arshad Abdul

N43        SEKONG  (5 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Samsudin Yahya
STAR – Ahmad Ibrahin
SAPP – Awang @ Abdul Nasip Othman
PKR – Musah Ghani
Bebas – Datuk Ilahan Datu Amilbangsa

N44        KARAMUNTING (3 penjuru)
BN – Charles O Pang Su Pin
SAPP – Yong Vui Min
DAP – Chong Ket Kiun

N45        ELOPURA  (3 penjuru)
BN – Au Kam Wah
SAPP – Liau Fook Kong
DAP – Hiew Vun Zin

N46        TANJONG PAPAT  (3 penjuru)
BN – Raymond Tan Shu Kiah
SAPP – Ken Yong Chie Man
DAP – Frankie Poon

N47        KUAMUT  (3 penjuru)
BN – Masiung Banah
STAR – Edward Podok
PKR – Mustapa Datuk Tambuyong

N48        SUKAU  (4 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Saddi Abdu Rahman
STAR – Juhori Paritai
SAPP – Aprin Musin
PAS – Ahdah Sulaiman

N49        TUNGKU  (5 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Mohd Suhaili bin Said
STAR – Johan bin Nul
SAPP – Datul Shuaib bin Dato Mutalib
PKR – Johani bin Abd Halim
Bebas – Tsen Yun Fah @ Mohd Azlan Tsen Abdullah

N50        LAHAD DATU  (4 penjuru)
BN – Dato Mohammad Yusof bin Apdal
STAR – Ariffin bin Hamid
SAPP – Aliandu bin Enjil
PKR – Hamid Awong @ Abdul Hamid Awong

N51        KUNAK (6 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Nilwan bin Kabang
STAR – Valentine @ Rengers Sebastian
PAS – Kasman bin Karate
Bebas – Hussein bin Ibnu Hassan
Bebas – Abdul Sattal bin Shariee
Bebas – Sharif Shamsuddin bin Sharif Sagaf

N52        SULABAYAN (7 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Jaujan
BERSAMA – Hasaman Sagaran
PKR – Hermeny Murgal
Bebas – Julkalani Abd Rahman
Bebas – Hussein Mumakil
Bebas – Mamat Barhana
Bebas – Ghazalie Pg Hindi @ Abdul Ghani

N53        SENALLANG (5 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Nasir Tun Sakaran
PKR – Mohd Amin Abdul Mem
Bebas – Datuk Badaruddin Tun Mustapha
Bebas – Abdul Manang Hatib Lawari @ Osman
Bebas – Abdul Karim Talip

N54        BUGAYA (6 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Ramlee Marahaban
PAS – Hasai Tudai
Bebas – Abdul Hussin Kiamsin
Bebas – Atal Muhammad KK Abd Menang
Bebas – Alimin Budin
Bebas – Abdullah Sani Abdul Salleh

N55        BALUNG  (4 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Syed Abas Syed Ali
SAPP – Abdul Hamid Mohamad Noor
PKR – Frank Salazar @ Franco
Bebas – Abdillah Timbasal

N56        APAS (4 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Tawfiq bin Abu Bakar Titingan
STAR – Chok Yit Min
SAPP – Tahir bin Dahu
PKR – Alizaman bin Jijurahman

N57        SRI TANJONG (3 penjuru)
BN – Fung Len Fui
STAR – Olivia Chong Oi Yun
SAPP – Yong Ah Poh

N58        MEROTAI (6 penjuru)
BN – Datuk Pang Yuk Ming
SAPP – Ho Shau Vui
PAS – Ahmad Dullah
Bebas – Mohd bin Manuke
Bebas – Rita Rudiansah Abu Bakar
Bebas – Datuk Chin Chee Syn

BN – Datuk Hamisa Samat
PAS – Fatmawaty Mohd Yusuf

N60        SEBATIK (4 penjuru)
BN – Abd Muis Picho
STAR – Mohammad Jeffry Rosman
PAS – Daud Jalaluddin
Bebas – Mohamad Yusup Lewah

Kasman Karate berdepan 6 penjuru

Kerusi DUN Kunak, Sabah berdepan saingan 6 penjuru termasuk seorang calon yang memiliki nama yang unik, Kasman Karate dari Parti Islam SeMalaysia (PAS).

Anak muda ini bakal berdepan penyandang kerusi itu, Datuk Nilwan Kabang dari BN, Valentine @ Rangers Sebastian (Parti Reformas Sarawak-STAR), Abd Sattal Shafiee (Bebas), Sharif Samsuddin Sharif Sagaf (Bebas) dan Hussein Ibnu Hassan (Bebas).

Karate dalam bahasa tempatan di daerah ini bermaksud 'berlawan' dengan majoriti penduduk Melayu di sini dari suku kaum Bugis dan Bajau.

Kasman Karate yang fasih berbahasa tempatan merupakan aktivis rakyat yang sangat aktif di Sabah  dan pernah dilantik sebagai Presiden Gabungan Mahasiswa Islam (Gamis) bagi peringkat
Borneo. Setiausaha PAS Kawasan Silam ini merupakan graduan Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) dalam bidang Sarjana Muda Sains Sosial.

Berikut ialah keputusan PRU lalu.

Jumlah Pengundi: 9,598
Peratusan Kaum: B/I: 83.83% B/B/I: 10.40% C: 4.48% L: 1.30%
1. Nilwan Kaban (BN) (5,083)
2. Bedu Kudusa (KEADILAN) (968)
Majoriti: 4,115
Jumlah undi: 6,276
Peratus mengundi: 65.39%
Undi rosak: 225
Penyandang: Datuk Jasa Rauddah (BN)
(Majoriti: 1,923 undi)

DUN 'Sultan Kiram Sulu' menyaksikan saingan 5 penjuru

Lima penjuru di Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Tungku di sini yang menjadi tumpuan ekoran pencerobohan pengganas Kiram pada Februari lalu, bakal menyaksikan persaingan lima penjuru antara calon BN dan tiga calon pembangkang serta seorang calon bebas.

Penyandang kerusi Tungku dari BN, Datuk Mohd. Suhaili Said bakal ditentang Johani Abd Halim dari KEADILAN, Johan Nul (Parti Reformasi Sarawak-Star) dan Dato Shuib Dato Mutalib (Parti Maju Sabah-SAPP)

Turut bertanding seorang calon bebas iaitu Tsen Yun Fah@ Mohd. Allan Tsen Abdulah. DUN Tungku terletak dalam Parlimen Silam dan mempunyai 14,511 pengundi berdaftar.

Berikut ialah keputusan PRU lalu

Jumlah Pengundi: 12,246
Peratusan Kaum: B/I: 69.68% B/B/I: 16.61% C: 12.90% L: 0.81%
1. Datuk Mohd. Suhaili Said (BN) (4,828)
2. Jamal Sulai (KEADILAN) (2,446)
3. Abdul Raja Abdul Mohammad (Bebas) (164)
Majoriti: 2,382
Jumlah undi: 7,709
Peratus mengundi: 62.95%
Undi rosak: 271
Penyandang: Datuk Mohd. Suhaili Said (BN)
(Majoriti: 4,206 undi)

Adik dan Menantu Ketua Menteri Sabah ditentang lebih 2 penjuru

Kerusi Parlimen Kimanis yang disandang Datuk Seri Anifah Aman  berdepan cabaran sengit apabila ditentang tiga penjuru.

Adik kepada Ketua Menteri Sabah itu berdepan Jaafar Ismail dari KEADILAN, Jamil William Core (Parti Maju Sabah-SAPP) dan Lusin Bulangon (Parti Reformasi Sarawak-Star). Semua calon menyerahkan borang masing-masing di Dewan Masyarakat Bongawan pagi tadi.

Kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri Bongawan turut menyaksikan persaingan empat penjuru dengan calon yang menjadi tumpuan ialah calon muka baharu BN, Mohamad Alamin yang ditentang oleh calon KEADILAN, Tan Sri Ibrahim Menudin, seorang tokoh korporat yang bagaimanapun tidak hadir dengan menghantar wakilnya. Dua lagi ialah Awang Talip Awang Bagul (SAPP) dan Hassim Matali (STAR).

Bagi DUN Membakut, terdapat pertandingan lima penjuru iaitu penyandangnya, Mohd. Arifin Mohd. Arif (BN), Narawi @ Sinar Ahmad (KEADILAN), Banjimin Ondoi (SAPP), Jaapar Ag. Gidor (STAR) dan calon Bebas, Datuk AK Azluddin Pg. Mohd. Tahir.

Mohd. Arifin Mohd. Arif ialah menantu kepada Pengerusi BN Sabah, Datuk Seri Musa Aman.

Berikut ialah keputusan di kawasan ini pada PRU lalu.

Jumlah Pengundi: 22,239
Peratusan Kaum: B/I: 68.14% B/B/I: 24.97% C: 6.79% L: 0.10%
1. Datuk Anifah Aman (BN) (10,242)
2. Jaafar Ismail (Bebas) (4,789)
3. Benjamin Basintal (Bebas) (205)
4. Ismail Bungsu (KEADILAN) (1,615)
Majoriti: 5,453
Jumlah undi: 17,351
Peratus mengundi: 78.02%
Undi rosak: 500
Penyandang: Datuk Anifah Aman (BN)
(Majoriti: 5,108 undi)

Jumlah Pengundi: 12,389
Peratusan Kaum: B/I: 67.84% B/B/I: 24.83% C: 7.26% L: 0.07%
1. Datuk Karim Bujang (BN) (7,123)
2. Md. Haris Md. Tahir (Bebas) (1,393)
3. Lusin Balangon (Bersekutu) (97)
4. Ag. Wasli Ag. Yahya (KEADILAN) (875)
Majoriti: 5,730
Jumlah undi: 9,769
Peratus mengundi: 78.85%
Undi rosak: 281
Penyandang: Datuk Karim Bujang (BN)
(Majoriti: 805 undi)

Jumlah Pengundi: 9,850
Peratusan Kaum: B/I: 68.51% B/B/I: 25.16% C: 6.20% L: 0.13%
1. Mohd. Arifin Mohd. Arif (BN) (5,490)
2. Awang Tengah Awang Amin (KEADILAN) (1,991)
Majoriti: 3,499
Jumlah undi: 7,649
Peratus mengundi: 77.65%
Undi rosak: 168
Penyandang: Mohd. Arifin Mohd. Arif (BN)
(Majoriti: 1,743 undi)

Ketua Menteri Sabah berdepan 5 penjuru

Pengerusi BN Sabah,  Datuk Seri Musa Aman berdepan lima penjuru dalam usahanya mempertahankan DUN Sungai Sibuga yang disandangnya sejak beberapa penggal.

Beliau ditentang, Ketua Angkatan Muda KEADILAN, Irwansyhah Mustafa, Parti Maju Sabah-SAPP, A.M Jaffar@ Damaid Juana; Parti Reformasi Sarawak (STAR), Mohd Roslan Yussof dan calon Bebas, Mohd Arshad Abdul.

Berikut ialah keputusan pada PRU lalu.

Jumlah Pengundi: 21,442
Peratusan Kaum: B/I: 74.01% B/B/I: 3.14% C: 22.53% L: 0.32%
1. Datuk Seri Musa Aman (BN) (10,570)
2. Gusniah Diong (Bebas) (295)
3. Osman Enting (Bersekutu) (291)
4. Ahmad Thamrin@ Tamrin Jaini (PKR) (2,913)
Majoriti: 7,657
Jumlah undi: 14,494
Peratus mengundi: 67.6%
Undi rosak: 425
Penyandang: Datuk Seri Musa Aman (BN)
(Majoriti: 6,670 undi)

Ketua Angkatan Muda Keadilan Libaran, Irwanshah Mustapha

Tiga Penjuru di Parlimen Semporna

Menteri Kemajuan Luar Bandar dan Wilayah, Datuk Seri Mohd. Shafie Apdal yang mempertahankan kerusi Parlimen Semporna berdepan tiga penjuru dalam Pilihan Raya Umum kali ini.

Mohd. Shafie yang juga Naib Presiden Umno akan ditentang calon KEADILAN, Dr. Zamree @ Mohd. Suffian Abdul Habi dan calon Bebas yang juga anak Pengasas Usno, Datu Badaruddin Tun Mustapha.

Berikut keputusan PRU pada 2008.

Sabah P189, N52, N53, N54

Jumlah Pengundi: 33,772
Peratusan Kaum: B/I: 92.74% B/B/I: 4.54% C: 2.48% L: 0.24%
1. Datuk Mohd. Shafie Apdal (BN) (19,419)
2. Ab. Aziz Ab. Hamid (KEADILAN) (1,957)
Majoriti: 17,462
Jumlah undi: 22,208
Peratus mengundi: 65.76%
Undi rosak: 832
Penyandang: Datuk Mohd. Shafie Apdal (BN)
(Majoriti: 13,319 undi)

Jumlah Pengundi: 11,291
Peratusan Kaum: B/I: 95.96% B/B/I: 3.64% C: 0.21% L: 0.19%
1. Harman Mohamad (BN) (4,501)
2. Mohd. Abdullah Wahab Pg. Abdullah (KEADILAN) (2,464)
Majoriti: 2,037
Jumlah undi: 7,354
Peratus mengundi: 65.13%
Undi rosak: 389
Penyandang: Datuk Mohammad Lan Alani (BN)
(Majoriti: 2,337 undi)

Jumlah Pengundi: 12,198
Peratusan Kaum: B/I: 92.45% B/B/I: 1.52% C: 5.73% L: 0.3%
1. Datuk Nasir Tun Sakaran (BN) (6,038)
2. Hasman Sagaran (KEADILAN) (628)
3. Mohd. Syadi Baki (Bebas)
4. Asmara Asmad (Bebas) (651)
Majoriti: 5,387
Jumlah undi: 7,683
Peratus mengundi: 62.99%
Undi rosak: 366
Penyandang: Datuk Nasir Tun Sakaran (BN)
(Majoriti: 4,619 undi)

Jumlah Pengundi: 11,727
Peratusan Kaum: B/I: 89.94% B/B/I: 8.54% C: 1.28% L: 0.24%
1. Datuk Ramlee Marahaban (BN) [Menang tanpa bertanding]
Jumlah undi:
Undi rosak:
Penyandang: Datuk Basali Tarireh @Abdul Hamid
(Majoriti: 1,996)

Jornah quits PBS, citing loss of confidence

PENAMPANG: Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) elected supreme council member Jornah Mozihim yesterday announced her resignation from the party.

Loss of confidence in the top leadership of PBS was the main reason for the drastic move by the former Matunggong assemblywoman who won the state seat in the 2004 election.

She claimed PBS deputy president Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili was controlling the party, while PBS president Tan Sri Joseph Pairin Kitingan was just a ‘Yes Man’ to him (Maximus), to the detriment of the party.

In Kota Marudu, Jornah claimed, Maximus employed his tactic of divide and rule to maintain his position.

“Tan Sri (Pairin) does not even feel sorry that I was again listed as the candidate for N4 (Matunggong) but again dropped due to Maximus’ demand. In 2008, he at least felt sorry that he dropped me because of the pressure from Maximus who even threatened to withdraw from contesting if I were the candidate for N4,” she claimed.

“This time around, he (Maximus) threatened the president (Pairin) that he would resign if the president went ahead to appoint me as Barisan Nasional (BN) candidate,” she said in a press conference at her residence in Bundusan here yesterday.

According to Jornah, she was confident of standing in Matunggong because Pairin personally told her that her name was the only name submitted by Pairin to BN chairman Datuk Seri Najib Razak.

“It was on the first State Kaamatan meeting on March 13, 2013 when Tan Sri (Pairin) told me that I was to stand in Matunggong.

“I know I can deliver Matunggong to BN because my strong grassroots told me that they would not vote for BN if I was not the candidate. I love PBS but this is too much for me,” she said.

During the press conference yesterday, Jornah also claimed the people in Matunggong had expressed their feeling towards the incumbent assemblyman, Sarapin Magana.

In 2008, Sarapin was a new guy and the people did not know him well. They just voted for him because of PBS. After five years, I have heard more of dislikes and this is going to effect PBS.

"I doubt he can win Matunggong because he is the one who ‘created’ an opposition movement there,” she claimed.
“I am also disappointed with Maximus when he asked me to challenge him for the Kota Marudu parliamentary seat. Is he telling me that he has more supporters than I have?

"If that is the case, let us see during this 13th general election. He does not even know that his popularity is dropping,” she added.

Jornah was confident that there would be two possibilities for Maximus’ seat in Kota Marudu.

Either he would lose in this upcoming election, or he would win with a reduced majority, she said.
With her resignation letter submitted to Pairin on April 18, Jornah would not be a PBS member anymore and her post as elected supreme council member would be relinquished.

She also quit all her five posts in KadazanDusun Cultural Association (KDCA), namely nominated vice president of KDCA, nominated organizer of Matunggong KDCA, secretary of Koisaan Berhad, KDCA Women Bureau chief and 2013 state-level Unduk Ngadau committee chairperson, which she had held since 2006.

She expected there would be more surprises in Kota Marudu today, after the nomination.

Empat calon dijangka berentap di DUN Melalap

TENOM: Naib Presiden Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) Datuk Radin Malleh yang akan mempertahankan kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Melalap pada PRU13, 5 Mei ini dijangka berhadapan dua peguam dan seorang peniaga.

Ini bererti pertandingan DUN Melalap yang dimenangi Radin yang juga Ketua Bahagian PBS Bahagian Melalap sebelum ini bakal menyaksikan pertarungan empat penjuru.

Roger Stimin seorang peguam bertanding atas tiket SAPP salah satu parti pembangkang dan seorang lagi peguam wanita Noritah Sual bertanding atas tiket Pakatan Rakyat (PR) melalui parti DAP.

Sementara itu, Kong Fui Seng juga akan bertanding atas tiket parti pembangkang.

Sementara itu, Ketua Umno Bahagian Tenom, Datuk Rubin Balang dijangka akan ditentang oleh bekas Pemimpin Kemajuan Rakyat (PKR) beliau dulu Biou Suyan yang bertanding atas tiket PR melalui Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR).

Turut menentang Rubin ialah anak bekas Adun Kemabong dalam era Usno Datuk Tingkalor Lampag iaitu William @ Ensor Tingkalor yang bertanding atas tiket SAPP.

Rubin yang menyandang kerusi Kemabong sejak penggal kedua era PBS juga dijangka akan berhadapan dengan seorang bekas guru Alfred Tay yang bertanding atas tiket parti STAR.

Jika semua calon disahkan oleh SPR selepas penamaan calon pada 20 April ini maka, DUN Kemabong juga akan menyaskikan pertandingan empat penjuru.

Bagi kawasan Parlimen Tenom pula penyandang dua penggal musim lalu Datuk Raime Unggi yang dikekalkan sebagai calon kerusi Tenom dijangka berhadapan dengan tiga pencabar terdiri daripada Jaineh Juata @ Jimmy Jawatah yang bertanding atas tiket SAPP, Azroy Abdullah dari STAR dan Masdin Thomas dari PR (PKR).

Senarai Nama Calon - Calon KEADILAN Seluruh Malaysia

Dun Perlis
N.03 Chuping: Wan Mohamad Fishaal Wan Daud
N.04 Mata Ayer: Ammar Gazali
N.07 Sena: Tuan Marja Tuan Mat
N.08 Indera Kayangan: Chan Ming Kai
N.09 Kuala Perlis: Noor Amin Ahmad
N.12 Tambun Tulang: Azhar Ameir

Parlimen Kedah
P.004 Langkawi: Dato’ Ahmad Abdullah
P.009 Alor Star: Gooi Hsiao-Leung
P.010 Kuala Kedah: Dr. Azman Ismail
P.014 Merbok: Nor Azrina Surip
P.015 Sungai Petani: Datuk Johari Abdul
P.017 Padang Serai: N Surendran K Nagarajan
P.018 Kulim-Bandar Baharu: Datuk Saifuddin Nasution Ismail

Dun Kedah
N.02 Kuah: Datuk Ahmad Kasim
N.05 Bukit Kayu Hitam: Nasrul Omar Che Mansor
N.08 Pedu: Ir. Zamri Yusuf
N.12 Bakar Bata: Mohd Eekmal Ahmad
N.22 Gurun: Salma Ismail
N.25 Bukit Selambau: Dr. Krishnamoorthy Rajannaidu
N.28 Bakar Arang: Ooi Tze Min
N.29 Sidam: Dr. Robert Ling Kui Ee
N.34 Lunas: Azman Nasrudin
N.35 Kulim: Chu Maw Nian

Parlimen Kelantan
P.026 Ketereh: Ab Aziz Ab Kadir
P.027 Tanah Merah: Nik Mahmood Nik Hassan
P.029 Machang: Dr. Wan Zawawi Wan Ismail

Dun Kelantan
N.01 Pengkalan Kubor: Prof. Saharun Ibrahim
N.38 Kuala Balah: Ramlan Mat
N.40 Guchil: Mohd Roslan Puteh
N.43 Nenggiri: Mohammad Azihan Che Seman
N.44 Paloh: Amran Ab Ghani

Parlimen Terengganu
P.040 Kemaman: Kamarudin Chik

Dun Terengganu
N.02 Kota Putera: Drs. Mohamed Abdul Ghani Haji Ibrahim
N.06 Permaisuri: Wan Mokhtar Wan Ibrahim
N.11 Seberang Takir: Ahmad Nazri Mohd Yusof
N.14 Bandar: Azan Ismail
N.21 Telemung: Narawi Embong
N.25 Bukit Besi: Mohd Shamsul Mat Amin

Parlimen Pulau Pinang
P.044 Permatang Pauh: Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim
P.047 Nibong Tebal: Datuk Mansor Othman
P.052 Bayan Baru: Sim Tze Tzin
P.053 Balik Pulau: Muhammad Bakthtiar Wan Chik

Dun Pulau Pinang
N.02 Bertam: Syed Mikael Rizal Aidid
N.03 Pinang Tunggal: Ahmad Zaki Yuddin Abd Rahman
N.06 Telok Ayer Tawar: Norhayati Jaafar
N.10 Seberang Jaya: Dr. Afif Bahardin
N.12 Penanti: Dr. Norlela Ariffin
N.14 Machang Bubuk: Lee Khai Loon
N.17 Bukit Tengah: Ong Chin Wen
N.18 Bukit Tambun: Law Choo Kiang
N.20 Sungai Bakap: Maktar Hj Shapee
N.21 Sungai Acheh: Badrul Hisham Shaharin
N.24 Kebun Bunga: Cheah Kah Peng
N.35 Batu Uban: Dr. Jayabalan A. Thambyappa
N.36 Pantai Jerejak: Mohd Rashid Hasnon
N.37 Batu Maung: Abdul Malik Abdul Kassim
N.39 Pulau Betong: Mohd Tuah Ismail
N.40 Telok Bahang: Datuk Abdul Halim Hussain

Parlimen Perak
P.058 Bagan Serai: Dr. Muhammad Nur Manuty
P.061 Padang Rengas: Dr. Meor Ahmad Isharra Ishak
P.063 Tambun: Siti Aishah Shaik Ismail
P.071 Gopeng: Dr. Lee Boon Chye
P.072 Tapah: Vasantha Kumar Krishnan
P.073 Pasir Salak: Mustaffa Kamil Ayub
P.074 Lumut: Laksamana Pertama (B) Haji Mohamad Imran Abd Hamid
P.075 Bagan Datok: Madhi Hasan
P.077 Tanjong Malim: Datin Paduka Tan Yee Kew

Dun Perak
N.01 Pengkalan Hulu: Mej. (B) Abdullah Masnan
N.02 Temengor: Mohd Supian Nordin
N.03 Kenering: Mohamad Tarmizi Abdul Hamid
N.04 Kota Tampan: Zahrul Nizam Abdul Majid
N.07 Batu Kurau: Mohammad Fadzil Alias
N.09 Kuala Kurau: Abdul Yunus Jamahri
N.10 Alor Pongsu: Rosli Ibrahim
N.13 Kuala Sapetang: Chua Yee Ling
N.24 Hulu Kinta: M.A Tinagaran Arumugam
N.34 Bukit Chandan: Fathmawaty Salim
N.39 Bota: Zulkifly Ibrahim
N.42 Tualang Sekah: Baldip Singh Santokh Singh
N.44 Simpang Pulai: Tan Kar Hing
N.45 Teja: Chang Lih Kang
N.46 Chenderiang: Bah Tony
N.48 Sungai Manik: Osman Abdul Rahman
N.52 Pangkor: Mohd Saifullah Mohd Zulkifli
N.54 Hutan Melintang: Kesavan Subramaniam
N.59 Behrang: Brig. Jen. (B) Datuk Abdul Hadi Abdul Khatab

Parlimen Pahang
P.082 Indera Mahkota: Datuk Fauzi Abdul Rahman
P.083 Kuantan: Fuziah Salleh
P.084 Paya Besar: Murnie Hidayah Anuar
P.085 Pekan: Mohd Fariz Musa
P.090 Bera: Zakaria Abdul Hamid

Dun Pahang
N.04 Cheka: Abas Awang
N.05 Benta: Rizal Jamin
N.06 Batu Talam: Khairul Hakimin Mohd Ali
N.10 Damak: Jamaluddin Abd Rahim
N.13 Semambu: Lee Chean Chung
N.14 Teruntum: Sim Chon Siang
N.18 Lepar: Jefri Jaafar Tukemin
N.22 Bebar: Mohd Jafri Ab Rashid
N.23 Chini: Sitarunisah Ab Kadir
N.25 Kuala Sentul: Mohamad Razali Ithnain
N.27 Jenderak: Suhaimi Said
N.31 Lanchang: Ahmad Nizam Hamid
N.39 Kemayan: Manolan Mohamad
N.41 Muadzam Shah: Muhamad Nordin Pa’wanchik

Parlimen Selangor
P.092 Sabak Bernam: Dr. Abdul Aziz Bari
P.094 Hulu Selangor: Khalid Jaafar
P.097 Selayang: William Leong Jee Keen
P.098 Gombak: Mohamed Azmin Ali
P.099 Ampang: Zuraida Kamaruddin
P.100 Pandan: Rafizi Ramli
P.104 Kelana Jaya: Wong Chen
P.105 Petaling Jaya: Selatan Hee Loy Sian
P.107 Subang: Sivarasa K. Rasiah
P.109 Kapar: G. Manivannan Gowindasamy
P.112 Kuala Langat: Abdullah Sani Abdul Hamid

Dun Selangor
N.07 Batang Kali: Ramachandran Kandasamy
N.09 Permatang: Mohd Yahya Mat Sahri
N.10 Bukit Melawati: Manikavasagam Sundaram
N.11 Ijok: Dr. Idris Ahmad
N.13 Kuang: Tengku Maraziyah Tengku Sulaiman
N.14 Rawang: Gan Pei Nei
N.16 Batu Caves: Amirudin Shari
N.19 Bukit Antarabangsa: Mohamed Azmin Ali
N.24 Semenyih: Hamidi A Hassan
N.25 Kajang: Lee Chin Cheh
N.32 Seri Setia: Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad
N.33 Taman Medan: Haniza Mohamed Talha
N.37 Bukit Lanjan: Elizabeth Wong
N.40 Kota Anggerik: Dr. Yaakob Sapari
N.41 Batu Tiga: Rodziah Ismail
N.43 Sementa: Dr. Daroyah Alwi
N.46 Pelabuhan Klang: Tan Sri Abd Khalid Ibrahim
N.49 Seri Andalas: Dr. Xavier Jayakumar Arulanandam
N.50 Sri Muda: Mat Shuhaimi Shafiei
N.55 Dengkil: Borhan Aman Shah

Parlimen Wilayah Persekutuan
P.115 Batu: Chua Tian Chang
P.116 Wangsa Maju: Datuk Dr. Tan Kee Kwong
P.118 Setiawangsa: Ibrahim Yaacob
P.121 Lembah Pantai: Nurul Izzah Anwar
P.124 Bandar Tun Razak: Dr. Abd Khalid Ibrahim
P.166 Labuan: Tan Sri Ibrahim Menudin

Parlimen Negeri Sembilan
P.129 Kuala Pilah: Mohd Nazree Mohd Yunus
P.131 Rembau: Radzali A Ghani
P.132 Telok Kemang: Datuk Kamarul Baharin Abbas

Dun Negeri Sembilan
N.02 Pertang: Muhamad Syamwill Mertadza
N.06 Palong: Rebin Birham
N.07 Jeram Padang: Kumar Thuraisingam
N.13 Sikamat: Aminuddin Harun
N.14 Ampangan: Datuk Kamarul Baharin Abbas
N.15 Juasseh: Rosli Omar
N.16 Seri Menanti: Tengku Zamrah Tengku Sulaiman
N.18 Pilah: Mohamad Nazaruddin Sabtu
N.27 Rantau: Aisah Lamsah
N.29 Chuah: Chai Tong Chai
N.32 Linggi: Rosman Jonet
N.33 Port Dickson: Ravi Munusamy
N.34 Gemas: Karip Mohd.Salleh

Parlimen Melaka
P.136 Tangga Batu: Rahim Ali
P.137 Bukit Katil: Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin
P.139 Jasin: Ir. Rahmat Yusof

Dun Melaka
N.03 Ayer Limau: Halim Bachik
N.06 Rembia: Prof. Madya Dr. Rusnah Aluai
N.07 Gadek: Rajandran  Govindasamy
N.08 Machap: Ginie Lim Siew Lin
N.11 Sungai Udang: Asri Buang
N.13 Paya Rumput: Taha Ahmad
N.25 Rim: Azmi Kamis

Parlimen Johor
P.140 Segamat: Datuk Chua Jui Meng
P.141 Sekijang: Julailey Jemadi
P.144 Ledang: Hassan Abdul Karim
P.146 Muar: Nor Hizwan Ahmad
P.149 Sri Gading: Mohd Khuzzan Abu Bakar
P.150 Batu Pahat: Datuk dris Jauzi
P.153 Sembrong: Onn Abu Bakar
P.157 Pengerang: Dayangku Intan Tengku Abdul Hamid
P.158 Tebrau: Steven Choong Shiau Yoon
P.159 Pasir Gudang: Dr. Ahmad Faidhi Saidi
P.160 Johor Bahru: Jen. (B) Tan Sri Md Hashim Hussein
P.164 Pontian: Haniff @ Ghazali Hosman

Dun Johor
N.04 Kemelah: Natrah Ismail
N.07 Bukit Serampang: Saadon Abdullah
N.14 Bukit Naning: Abdul Aziz Muhammad
N.17 Semerah: Md Ysahrudin Kusni
N.27 Layang-Layang: Mohd Ishak Shir Mohd
N.31 Kahang: Hamdan Basiran
N.33 Tenggaroh: Murugan Muthu Samy
N.34 Panti: Mohd Annuar Mohd Salleh
N.36 Sedili: Abd Kadir Sainudin
N.39 Tanjong Surat: Hasnul Ahmad
N.44 Tanjong Puteri: Mohd Salleh Ahmad
N.51 Bukit Batu: Jimmy Puah Wee Tse

Parlimen Sabah
P.167 Kudat: Rahimah Majid
P.168 Kota Marudu: Datuk Maijol Mahap
P.169 Kota Belud: Isnaraissah Munirah Majilis@Fakharudy
P.170 Tuaran: Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Bumburing
P.174 Penampang: Ignatius Darell Leiking
P.175 Papar: Datuk Yahya Lampong
P.176 Kimanis: Jaafar Ismail
P.177 Beaufort: Datuk Seri Panglima Lajim Bin Ukin
P.178 Sipitang: Ramle Bin Dua @ Ramli Dua Lee
P.179 Ranau: Jonathan Yasin
P.180 Keningau: Stephen Sandor
P.181 Tenom: Masdin Tumas
P.182 Pensiangan: Datuk Dr. Richard Sakian Gunting
P.183 Beluran: James Miki
P.184 Libaran: Mohd Serman Hassnar
P.187 Kinabatangan: Abdullah Abdul Sani
P.188 Silam: Dr. Badrulamin Bahron
P.189 Semporna: Dr. Zamree @ Mohd Suffian Abdul Habi
P.190 Tawau: Datuk Kong Hong Ming

Dun Sabah
N.01 Banggi: Datu Abdul Razak Datu AbdulSalam
N.02 Tanjong Kapor: Chin Chung Kui @ William Chin
N.04 Matunggong: Jelin Bin Dasanap @ Jelani Hamdan
N.05 Tandek: Andonny Pilit @ Anthony Biri Mandiau
N.07 Kadamaian: Ukoh @ Jeremmy Malajad @ Malazad
N.08 Usukan: Mustapha @ Mohd Yunus Sakmud
N.09 Tamparuli: Datuk Seri Panglima Wilfred Bumburing
N.11 Kiulu: Rhodes Panilau
N.12 Karambunai: Muali Aching
N.13 Inanam: Dr. Roland Chia Ming Shen
N.15 Api-Api: Christina Liew Chin Jin
N.18 Petagas: Mat Yunin @ Mohd Yunin Atin
N.20 Moyog: Terrence Siambun
N.21 Kawang: Kefli @ Dzulkefli Safar
N.22 Pantai Manis: Fred Gabriel
N.23 Bongawan: Tan Sri Ibrahim Menudin
N.24 Membakut: Narawi @ Sinar Ahmad
N.25 Klias: Datuk Seri Panglima Lajim Ukin
N.26 Kuala Penyu: Johan @ Christopher O T Ghani
N.27 Lumadan: Abdul Rahman Yakub
N.28 Sindumin: Harunsah Ibrahim
N.29 Kundasang: Satiol Indong
N.30 Karanaan: Muhiddin @ Mohd Anas Yusin
N.31 Paginatan: Amru Abd Kadir
N.32 Tambunan: Wilfred Win Ponil
N.33 Bingkor: Datuk Ahmad Shah Hussein Tambakau
N.34 Liawan Paul: Bunsu Gitang @ Paul Gitang
N.36 Kemabong: Biou Suyan
N.37 Sook: Liberty @ Alibi Lopog
N.38 Nabawan: Raymond Ahuar
N.39 Sugut: Pagrios @ Petrus Zabang
N.40 Labuk: Datuk Tan Yong Gee
N.41 Gum-Gum: Ahmad Thamrin Mohd Jaini
N.42 Sungai Sibuga: Irwanshah Mustapa
N.43 Sekong: Musah Ghani
N.47 Kuamut: Mustapa Datu Tambuyong
N.49 Tungku: Johani Abd Halim
N.50 Lahad Datu: Hamid Awong @ Abdul Hamid Awong
N.52 Sulabayan: Hermeny Murgal
N.53 Senallang: Mohd Amin Abdul Mem
N.55 Balung: Frank Salazar @ Franco
N.56 Apas: Alizaman Jijurahman

Parlimen Sarawak
P.193 Santubong: Zulrusdi Mohamad Hol
P.194 Petra Jaya: Ahmad Nazib Johari
P.198 Mambong: Willie Anak Mongin
P.201 Batang Lupar: Abang Zulkili Abang Engkeh
P.203 Lubok Antu: Nicholas Bawin Anak Anggat
P.202 Sri Aman: Nicholas Mujah Anak Ason
P.204 Betong: Cecilia Siti Una @ Sittie Endek
P.205 Saratok: Ali Anak Biju
P.209 Julau: Wong Hong Yu
P.210 Kanowit: Thomas Laja Anak Besi
P.214 Selangau: Joshua Anak Jabing @ Joshua Jabeng
P.216 Hulu Rajang: Abun Sui Anyit
P.219 Miri: Michael Teo Yu Keng
P.220 Baram: Roland Engan
P.221 Limbang: Baru Bian

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Senarai Penuh calon Pakatan Rakyat Sabah

P167 Kudat: Rahimah Binti Majid (KEADILAN)

P168 Kota Marudu: Datuk Maijul Mahap (KEADILAN)

P169 Kota Belud: Isnaraissah Munirah Binti Majlid @ Fakharudy (KEADILAN)

P170 Tuaran: Datuk Seri Pangima Mojilip Bin Bumburing @ Wilfred (KEADILAN)

P.171 Sepanggar: Jeffrey Kumin @ John (DAP)

P.172 Kota Kinabalu: Wong Tze Phin @ Jimmy Wong (DAP)

P.173 Putatan: Lee Han Kyun @ Joseph Lee (DAP)

P174 Penampang: Ignatius Dorrel Leiking (KEADILAN)

P175 Papar: Datuk Mohammad Yahya @ Yahya Bim Lampong (KEADILAN)

P176 Kimanis: Jaafar Bin Ismail (KEADILAN)

P177 Beaufort: Datuk Seri Panglima Lajim Ukin (KEADILAN)

P178 Sipitang: Ramlee Bin Dua @ Ramli Dua Lee (KEADILAN))

P179 Ranau: Jonathan Bin Yasin (KEADILAN)

P180 Keningau: Stephen Sandor (KEADILAN)

P181 Tenom: Masdin Bin Tumas (KEADILAN)

P182 Pensiangan: Datuk Seri Dr Richard Sakian Bin Gunting (KEADILAN)

P183 Beluran: James Miki (KEADILAN)

P184 Libaran: Mohd Serman Bin Hassnar (KEADILAN)

P.185 Batu Sapi: Hamzah Abdullah (PAS)

P.186 Sandakan: Akan diumumkan kemudian

P187 Kinabatangan: Mustapa Bin Datu Tambuyong (KEADILAN)

P188 Silam: Dr Badrulamin Bin Bahron (KEADILAN)

P189 Semporna: Dr Zamree @ Mohd Suffian Bin Abdul Habi (KEADILAN)

P190 Tawau: Datuk Kong Hong Ming @ Kong Fo Min (KEADILAN)

P.191 Kalabakan: Osman Madeaming (PAS)

Senarai penuh calon-calon Pakatan Rakyat untuk 60 kawasan Dewan Undangan Negeri Sabah.

N01 Banggi: Datu Abdul Razak Bin Datu Abdul Salam (KEADILAN)

N02 Tanjong Kapor: Chin Chung Kui @ William Chin (KEADILAN)

N03 Pitas - Dausleh binti Queck (PAS)

N04 Matunggong: Jelin Bin Dasanap @ Jelani Bin Hamdan (KEADILAN)

N05 Tandek: Andonny Pilit @ Anthony Biri Mandiau (KEADILAN)

N06 Tempasuk - Awang Laiman Ikin (PAS)

N07 Kadamaian: Ukoh @ Jeremmy Bin Majalad @ Malazad (KEADILAN)

N08 Usukan: Ir Mustafa Sa'mud (KEADILAN)

N09 Tamparuli: Datuk Seri Panglima Mojilip Bin Bumburing @ Wilfred (KEADILAN)

N10 Sulaman: Mukhtar (KEADILAN)

N11 Kiulu: Rhodes Bin Panilau (KEADILAN)

N12 Karambunai: Muali Bin Aching (KEADILAN)

N13 Inanam: Roland Chia Ming Shen (KEADILAN)

N14 Likas - Wong Hong Jun (DAP)

N15 Api-Api: Liew Chin Jin (KEADILAN)

N16 Luyang - Hiew King Cheu (DAP)

N17 Tanjong Aru - Hamid Ismail (PAS)

N18 Petagas: Mat Yunin @ Mohd Yunin Bin Atin (KEADILAN)

N19 Kapayan - Edwin @Jack Bosi (DAP)

N20 Moyog: Terrence Siambun (KEADILAN)

N21 Kawang: Kefli @ Dzulkefli Bin Safar (KEADILAN)

N22 Pantai Manis: Fred Bin Gabriel (KEADILAN)

N23 Bongawan: Tan Ser Ibrahim Menudin (KEADILAN)

N24 Membakut: Narawi @ Sinar Bin Ahmad (KEADILAN)

N25 Klias: Datuk Seri Lajim Bin Ukin (KEADILAN)

N26 Kuala Penyu: Datuk Johan @ Christopher Bin OT Ghani (KEADILAN)

N27 Lumadan: Ustaz Abdul Rahman Yaakob (KEADILAN)

N28 Sindumin: Harunsah Bin Ibrahim (KEADILAN)

N29 Kundasang: Satiol Bin Indong (KEADILAN)

N30 Karanaan: Datuk Dr Muhiddin @ Mohd Anas Bin Yusin (KEADILAN)

N31 Paginatan: Amru Bin Abd Kadir (KEADILAN)

N32 Tambunan: Wilfred Win Bin Ponil (KEADILAN)

N33 Bingkor: Dato Ahmad Shah Tambakau (KEADILAN)

N34 Liawan: Paul Gitang (KEADILAN)

N35 Melalap - Noorita binti Sual  (DAP)

N36 Kemabong: Biou Suyan (KEADILAN)

N37 Sook: Liberty Lopog (KEADILAN)

N38 Nabawan: Raymond Bin Ahuar (KEADILAN)

N39 Sugut: Petrus Zabang (KEADILAN)

N40 Labuk: Datuk Tan Yong Gee (KEADILAN)

N41 Gum-Gum: Ahmad Thamrin @ Thamrin Bin Mohd Jaini (KEADILAN)

N42 Sungai Sibuga: Irwansyhah Bin Mustafa (KEADILAN)

N43 Sekong: Musah Bin Ghani (KEADILAN)

N44 Karamunting - Chong Ket Kiun (DAP)

N45 Elopura - Hiew Vun Zin (DAP)

N46 Tanjong Papat - Poon Ming Fung (DAP)

N47 Kuamut: Benson Ingam (KEADILAN)

N49 Tungku: Johani Bin Abd Halim (KEADILAN)

N50 Lahad Datu: Dr Hamid Awong @ Abdul Hamid Awong (KEADILAN)

N51 Kunak - Kasman Karate (PAS)

N52 Sulabayan: Hermeny Bin Murgal (KEADILAN)

N53 Senallang: Mohd Amin Bin Abdul Mem (KEADILAN)

N54 Bugaya - Hasai Tudai (PAS)

N55 Balung: Frank Salazar @ Franco (KEADILAN)

N56 Apas: Alizaman Bin Jijurahman (KEADILAN)

N57 Sri Tanjong -Chan Foong Hin (DAP)

N58 Merotai - Ahmad Dullah (PAS)

N59 Tanjung Batu - Fatmawaty Mohd Yusuf (PAS)

Senarai penuh calon2 DAP Sabah


1. Sepanggar - Jeffrey Kumin @ John
2. Kota Kinabalu - Wong Sze Phin @ Jimmy
3. Putatan - Lee Han Kyun @ Joseph Lee
4. Sandakan - Wong Tien Fatt @ Wong Nyuk Foh

1. Likas - Wong Hong Jun
2. Luyang - Hiew King Cheu
3. Kapayan - Edwin @ Jack Bosi
4. Melalap - Noorita binti Sual
5. Karamunting - Chong Ket Kiun
6. Elopura - Hiew Vun Zin
7. Tanjong Papat - Poon Ming Fung
8. Sri Tanjong - Chan Foong Hin

Rumah dan kereta Calon Pakatan disimbah cat merah

 Calon PAS Dun Tanjung Batu, Fatmawaty Mohd Yusuf mendakwa berdepan gangguan emosi dan keselamatan apabila kereta miliknya disimbah cat merah awal pagi tadi. (Gambar atas)

Cermin tingkap rumahnya di Taman Tawau, Sabah turut dipecahkan dan nota ugutan bertulis 'TARIK DIRI ATAU!!!' ditinggalkan di tepi tingkap.

Selain kereta MyVi miliknya, simbahan cat merah tersebut turut mengenai kereta MyVi milik adiknya yang diparkir bersebelahan keretanya.

Menurut Fatmawaty, 30, kejadian disedari adiknya kira-kira jam 3 pagi apabila terdengar bunyi cermin pecah.

Sehubungan itu beliau membuat laporan polis di Ibu Pejabat Polis Daerah Tawau. 

"Saya buat laporan polis kerana merasakan emosi dan keselamatan saya terganggu dengan perbuatan khianat ini.

"Saya minta polis siasat perkara ini kerana sepanjang 27 tahun saya tinggal di sini, belum pernah berlau kejadian seperti ini," katanya ketika dihubungi Harakahdaily hari ini.

Beliau tidak menolak kejadian tersebut bermotif politik kerana ia berlaku selepas beliau diumumkan sebagai calon pada Sabtu lalu.

"Saya serah kepada polis untuk siasat siapa yang terlibat tapi kejadian ini berlaku selepas nama saya naik sebagai calon PAs dan beberapa hari sahaja menjelang penamaan calon," katanya.

Namun tegasnya, kejadian tersebut tidak mematahkan semangatnya untuk terus bertanding pada Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-13 (PRU13).

"Saya mula terlibat sepenuh masa dengan PAS sejak mula-mula habis belajar lagi.

"Jadi tidak mungkin saya akan tarik diri hanya semata-mata kerana menerima ugutan sebegini. Saya bersedia menghadapi apa sahaja halangan selepas ini," tegasnya yang merupakan lulusan Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS).

Katanya juga, ekoran kejadian tersebut, PAS Kawasan Kalabakan mengambil langkah meningkatkan lagi kawalan keselamatan menjelang hari penamaan calon dan pembuangan undi. 

"Pihak keselamatan PAS berwaspada dengan kejadian ini dan saya sering ditemani pihak kesalamatan PAS ke mana-mana program yang saya pergi," katanya.

Bekas ahli Umno lawan bos di DUN APAS

Ahli Lembaga Penasihat Kolej Komuniti Tawau, Tuan Hj Alizaman Jijurahman bertanding atas tiket KEADILAN bagi kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Apas pada Pilihan Raya Umum kali ini.

Beliau yang juga bekas anggota Biro Latihan Umno Tawau bakal berdepan bekas bosnya, Datuk Tawfiq Abu Bakar Titingan yang merupakan penyandang kerusi itu sebelum ini.

Tuan Hj Alizaman juga ialah Yang Dipertua (YDP) Kelab Kembara Pacuan 4 Roda Tawau dan kerap dilihat bersama Tawfiq dalam beberapa program penting di daerah itu.

Sementara itu, Tawfiq mengakui wujudnya isu merajuk dalam kem Umno pada PRU kali ini sebagaimana didedah banyak media.

“Sudah pasti setiap PRU akan ada pihak atau individu yang menawarkan diri untuk menjadi calon dan mereka ini juga dirasakan mampu menjadi wakil kepada kerajaan BN namun pemilihan yang dilakukan meliputi perspektif pelbagai sudut.

“Yang mana merajuk atau kecil hati kerana keinginan mereka tidak dipenuhi sebab calon yang mereka bawa tidak dipilih maka tugas kita memujuk kembali memberi penjelasan kerana PRU bukan soal calon kita suka atau tidak," katanya.

Beliau berkata demikian ketika sidang media selepas berucap pada Majlis Taklimat Isu-Isu Semasa yang dihadiri kira-kira 200 orang di sebuah hotel di Tawau, 17 April lalu.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Senarai penuh calon2 KEADILAN Sabah

KEADILAN tanding 19 kerusi Parlimen dan 43 DUN di Sabah

PETALING JAYA 17 APRIL: Timbalan Presiden KEADILAN, Mohamed Azmin Ali hari ini mengumumkan calon Parlimen dan Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) Sabah yang akan bertanding di bawah tiket KEADILAN.

Seramai 19 calon akan bertanding di kawasan Parlimen, manakala 43 di kerusi DUN Sabah pada Pilihan Raya Umum ke-13, 5 Mei ini.

Pengumuman itu dibuat pada sidang media di ibu pejabat parti petang tadi dengan kehadiran enam calon bertanding.

Berikut kerusi ditandingi KEADILAN termasuk Pakatan Perubahan Sabah (PPPS) dan Angkatan Perubahan Sabah (APS) yang menggunakan bendera KEADILAN.

P167 Kudat: Rahimah Binti Majid
P168 Kota Marudu: Datuk Maijul Mahap
P169 Kota Belud: Isnaraissah Munirah Binti Majlid @ Fakharudy
P170 Tuaran: Datuk Seri Pangima Mojilip Bin Bumburing @ Wilfred
P174 Penampang: Ignatius Dorrel Leiking
P175 Papar: Datuk Mohammad Yahya @ Yahya Bim Lampong
P176 Kimanis: Jaafar Bin Ismail
P177 Beaufort: Datuk Seri Panglima Lajim Ukin
P178 Sipitang: Ramlee Bin Dua @ Ramli Dua Lee
P179 Ranau: Jonathan Bin Yasin
P180 Keningau: Stephen Sandor
P181 Tenom: Masdin Bin Tumas
P182 Pensiangan: Datuk Seri Dr Richard Sakian Bin Gunting
P183 Beluran: James Miki
P184 Libaran: Mohd Serman Bin Hassnar
P187 Kinabatangan: Mustapa Bin Datu Tambuyong
P188 Silan: Dr Badrulamin Bin Bahron
P189 Semporna: Dr Zamree @ Mohd Suffian Bin Abdul Habi
P190 Tasau: Datuk Kong Hong Ming @ Kong Fo Min

Manakala bagi kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri pula:
N01 Banggi: Datu Abdul Razak Bin Datu Abdul Salam
N02 Tanjong Kapor: Chin Chung Kui @ William Chin
N04 Matunggong: Jelin Bin Dasanap @ Jelani Bin Hamdan
N05 Tandek: Andonny Pilit @ Anthony Biri Mandiau
N07 Kadamaian: Uloh @ Jeremmy Bin Majalad @ Malazad
N08 Usukan: Ir Mustafa Sa’mud
N09 Tamparuli: Datuk Seri Panglima Mojilip Bin Bumburing @ Wilfred
N10 Sulaman: Mukhtar
N11 Kiulu: Rhodes Bin Panilau
N12 Karambunai: Muali Bin Aching
N13 Inanam: Roland Chia Ming Shen
N15 Api-Api: Liew Chin Jin
N18 Petagas: Mat Yunin @ Mohd Yunin Bin Atin
N20 Moyog: Terrence Siambun
N21 Kawang: Kefli @ Dzulkefli Bin Safar
N22 Pantai Manis: Fred Bin Gabriel
N23 Bongawan: Tan Ser Ibrahim Menudin
N24 Membakut: Narawi @ Sinar Bin Ahmad
N25 Klias: Datuk Seru Lajim Bin Ukin
N26 Kuala Penyu: Datuk Johan @ Christopher Bin OT Ghani
N27 Lumadan: Ustaz Abdul Rahman Yaakob
N28 Sindumin: Harunsah Bin Ibrahim
N29 Kundasang: Satiol Bin Indong
N30 Karanaan: Datuk Dr Muhiddin @ Mohd Anas Bin Yusin
N31 Paginatan: Amru Bin Abd Kadir
N32 Tambunan: Wilfred Win Bin Ponil
N33 Bingkor: Dato Ahmad Shah Tambakau
N34 Liawan: Paul Gitang
N36 Kemadong: Biou Suyan
N37 Sook: Liberty Lopog
N38 Nabawan: Raymond Bin Ahuar
N39 Sugut Petrus Zabang
N40 Labuk: Datuk Tan Yong Gee
N41 Gum-Gum: Ahmad Thamrin @ Thamrin Bin Mohd Jaini
N42 Sungai Sibuga: Irwansyhah Bin Mustafa
N43 Sekong: Musah Bin Ghani
N47 Kuamut: Benson Ingam
N49 Tungku: Johani Bin Abd Halim
N50 Lahad Datu: Dr Hamid Awong @ Abdul Hamid Awong
N52 Sulabayan: Hermeny Bin Murgal
N53 Senallang: Mohd Amin Bin Abdul Mem
N55 Balung: Frank Salazar @ Franco
N56 Apas: Alizaman Bin Jijurahman

Calon Umno Selangor terlibat jenayah wang haram

KEADILAN mendedahkan penglibatan calon Umno BN di Parlimen Sepang, Datuk Seri Ir Mohd Zain Mohamed dalam jenayah aliran wang haram RM31 juta yang diperoleh dari Bangladesh antara Ogos 2000 hingga 2004.

Naib Presiden, Sivarasa Rasiah berkata, Mohd Zin menerima wang haram itu ketika menjawat jawatan Timbalan Menteri Kerja Raya dan Ahli Parlimen Shah Alam.

“Wang haram ini diberikan oleh salah seorang daripada dua rakan kongsinya di Bangladesh iaitu Sheikh Farid Ahmed. Di Bangladesh, Farid dikenali sebagai Manik.

“Pada tahun 2000, mereka bertiga menubuhkan Silkways Cargo Services Ltd di Dhaka, Bangladesh dan memujuk syarikat MAS untuk melantik syarikat ini sebagai ejen jualan am MAS di Bangladesh yang mengendalikan hal ehwal tiket dan kargo,” jelas Sivarasa.

Beliau mendedahkan demikian pada sidang media di ibu pejabat parti hari ini.

Sambung Sivarasa, penghantaran wang haram atau lebih dikenali sebagai ‘Hundi’ di Bangladesh disedari oleh pemegang sebahagian saham Mohd Zin iaitu Mohamad Tahir Fazal Mohd yang mempunyai sebanyak 24% daripada 49% saham Mohd Zin.

“Tahir kemudiannya membuat laporan polis terhadap Farid di Dhaka pada 2007 yang menyebabkan Farid ditahan pada 27 Julai 2007.

“Selepas didapati bersalah, mahkamah menjatuhkan hukuman penjara tujuh tahun. Difahamkan beliau sedang merayu diringankan hukuman,” kata Sivarasa yang akan mempertahan kemenangan KEADILAN di Parlimen Subang.

Sivarasa mempertikai Mohd Zin yang bukan sahaja masih bebas bahkan dipilih sebagai calon Umno BN di Sepang.

“Tahir melaporkan jenayah ini kepada BPR (Badan Pencegah Rasuah kini Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM)) pada 2004 tetapi tiga orang pegawai BPR yang ditemui mendakwa PM (Tun Abdullah Badwi) tidak membenarkan siasatan terhadap Mohd Zin.

“Ini isu besar ketika ini kerana laporan SPRM yang dikeluarkan berkaitan calon Umno BN boleh diragui kredibilitinya,” kata Sivarasa menambah, laporan polis akan dibuat bagi membolehkan kes berkenaan segera disiasat

KEADILAN tanding 6 DUN di Terengganu

KUALA LUMPUR 17 April: KEADILAN akan bertanding enam kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) di Terengganu.

Kawasan terlibat adalah DUN Bandar (N14), Bukit Besi (N25), Telemung (N21), Seberang Takir (N11), Permaisuri dan Kota Putera (N02).

Presiden, Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail mengesahkan, Pengerusi KEADILAN Terengganu, Azan Ismail diletakkan sebagai calon DUN Bandar.

Penyandang kerusi Parlimen Indera Mahkota itu akan bertemu calon tunggal MCA, Datuk Toh Chin Yaw di negeri itu.

Manakala Ketua Angkatan Muda KEADILAN (AMK) Dungun yang juga kontraktor, Mohd Shamsul Mat Amin, 28, akan bertanding di DUN Bukit Besi.

Bagi DUN Permaisuri, Wan Mokhtar Wan Ibrahim dipilih.

Untuk DUN Telemung pula diwakili Narawi Embung.

Keempat-empat ini diumumkan Wan Azizah di Kuala Terengganu petang semalam.
Sementara itu, untuk DUN Seberang Takir dan Kota Putera, masing-masing diwakili Mohd Nazri Abdullah dan Drs Mohd Abdul Ghani Ibrahim.

Kedua-dua calon ini disahkan Azan kepada Suara Keadilan.

Mengulas pengumuman itu, Azan ketika dihubungi menyifatkan pertukaran kerusi dan penampilan muka baru antara strategi Pakatan Rakyat untuk menawan Terengganu dalam pilihan raya kali ini.

“Saya menyokong penuh pengumuman itu, tiada sebab untuk kecewa atau merajuk. Semua ini untuk kebaikan parti.

“Saya pasti kita akan menang di semua kerusi yang akan ditandingi KEADILAN berdasarkan momentum rakyat yang mahukan perubahan,” kata Azan.

Tambahnya, gerak kerja semua DUN kini berjalan lancar dan hanya menunggu hari pengundian.
“Kita bukan lagi gerak kerja, tapi gerak kilat. Setakat ini kita hanya menunggu hari penamaan calon dan sebelum itu kita akan adakan perjumpaan.

“Selesai penamaan, kita terus berkempen tanpa henti,” katanya.

Dalam program berasingan di Pahang malam tadi, Wan Azizah turut mengesahkan DUN Teruntum (N14) milik KEADILAN. 

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Senarai Calon BN Sarawak Pada Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-13

KUCHING, 16 April :  Berikut ialah senarai penuh calon Barisan Nasional (BN) bagi 31 kerusi Parlimen Sarawak untuk pilihan raya umum ke-13.


1. Santubong : Datuk Dr. Wan Junaidi Tuanku Jaafar (PBB)

2. Petra Jaya : Datuk Fadillah Yusof (PBB)

3. Kota Samarahan : Rabiah Wang (PBB/muka baharu)

4. Betong : Datuk Seri Douglas Uggah Embas (PBB)

5. Mambong : Datuk Seri Dr James Dawos Mamit (PBB)

6. Batang Sadong : Nancy Shukri (PBB)

7. Batang Lupar : Datuk Rohani Abdul Karim (PBB)

8. Tanjong Manis : Datuk Norah Abdul Rahman (PBB)

9. Igan : Datuk Abdul Wahab Dolah (PBB)

10. Mukah : Datuk Seri Dr. Muhammad Leo Michael Toyad (PBB)

11. Kapit : Datuk Alexander Nanta Linggi (PBB)

12. Sibuti : Ahmad Lai Bujang (PBB)

13. Limbang : Hasbi Habibollah (PBB)

14. Lawas : Datuk Henry Sum Agong (PBB)

15. Bandar Kuching : Tan Kai (SUPP/muka baharu)

16. Stampin : Datuk Yong Khoon Seng (SUPP)

17. Serian : Datuk Richard Riot (SUPP)

18. Sarikei : Ding Kuong Hiing (SUPP)

19. Sibu : Vincent Lau Lee Ming (SUPP/muka baharu)

20. Lanang : Datuk Tiong Thai King (SUPP)

21. Miri : Datuk Sebastian Ting (SUPP/muka baharu)

22. Sri Aman : Masir Kujat (PRS)

23. Lubok Antu : William @ Nyallau Badak (PRS)

24. Julau : Datuk Joseph Salang Gandum (PRS)

25. Kanowit : Datuk Ago Dagang (PRS)

26. Selangau : Datuk Joseph Entulu Belaun (PRS)

27. Hulu Rajang : Wilson Ugak Kumbong (PRS/muka baharu)

28. Saratok : Tan Sri William Mawan (SPDP)

29. Bintulu : Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing (SPDP)

30. Baram : Anyi Ngau (SPDP/muka baharu)

31. Mas Gading : Anthony Nogeh Gumbek (SPDP/muka baharu)

PRU-13: Senarai calon BN bagi negeri Sabah

KOTA KINABALU 16 April - Berikut senarai calon-calon Barisan Nasional (BN) bagi Pilihan Raya Umum Ke-13 (PRU-13).


P167 Kudat- Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri (penyandang)

P168 Kota Marudu - Datuk Dr. Maximus Ongkili (penyandang)

P169 Kota Belud - Datuk Abd. Rahman Dahlan (penyandang)

P170 Tuaran - Madius Tangau (penampilan semula)

P171 Sepanggar - Datuk Jumat Idris (baharu)

P172 Kota Kinabalu - Chin Tek Ming

P173 Putatan - Dr. Marcus Mojigoh (penyandang)

P174 Penampang - Tan Sri Bernard Giluk Dompok (penyandang)

P175 Papar - Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin (penyandang)

P176 Kimanis - Datuk Anifah Aman (penyandang)

P177 Beaufort - Datuk Azizah Mohd. Dun (pertukaran kawasan)

P179 Ranau - Ewon Ebin (pertukaran kawasan)

P178 Sipiting - Datuk Sapawi Amat Wassali@Ahmad (penyandang)

P180 Keningau - Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan (penyandang)

P181 Tenom - belum diumumkan (kuota UMNO)

P182 Pensiangan - belum diumumkan (kuota PBRS)

P183 Beluran - Datuk Ronald Kiandee (penyandang)

P184 Libaran - Datuk Juslie Ajirol (penyandang)

P185 Batu Sapi - Linda Tsen Thau Lin (penyandang)

P186 Sandakan - belum diumum (kuota LDP)

P187 Kinabatangan - Datuk Bung Moktar Radin (penyandang)

P188 Silam - Datuk Datu Nasrun Datu Mansor (pertukaran kawasan)

P189 Semporna - Datuk Mohd. Shafie Apdal (penyandang)

P190 Tawau - Datuk Mary Yap Kain Ching (baharu)

P191 Kalabakan - Datuk Abdul Ghapur Salleh (penyandang)


N1 Banggi - Abdul Mijul Unaini (penyandang)

N2 Tanjong Kapor - belum diumum (kuota LDP)

N3 Pitas - Bolkiah Ismail (penyandang)

N4 Matunggong - Sarapin Magana (penyandang)

N5 Tandek - Lasiah Baranting@Anita (penyandang)

N6 Tempasuk - Musbah Jamli (penyandang)

N7 Kadamaian - Herbert Timbon Lagadan (penyandang)

N8 Usukan - Datuk Seri Salleh Said (penampilan semula)

N9 Tamparuli - Datuk Jahid@Noordin Jahim (penyandang)

N10 Sulaman - Datuk Hajiji Noor (penyandang)

N11 Kiulu - Datuk Lovis Rampas (penyandang)

N12 Karambunai - Jainab Ahmad (penyandang)

N13 Inanam - Goh Chin Lok@Johny Goh (penyandang)

N14 Likas - belum diumum (kuota LDP)

N15 Api-api - Datuk Dr. Yee Moh Chai (penyandang)

N16 Luyang - Agnes Sim (baharu)

N17 Tanjong Aru - Edward Yong Oui Fah (penyandang)

N18 Petagas - Datuk Yahya Hussin (penyandang)

N19 Kapayan - Datuk Edward Khoo Keok Hai (penyandang)

N20 Moyog - Philip Benedict Lasimbang (penampilan semula)

N21 Kawang - Datuk Ghulam Haidar Khan Bahadar (penyandang)

N22 Pantai Manis - Datuk Abdul Rahim Ismail (penyandang)

N23 Bongawan - Mohamad Alamin (baharu)

N24 Membakut - Mohd. Arifin Mohd. Arif (penyandang)

N25 Klias - Isnin Aliasnih (baharu)

N26 Kuala Penyu - Limus Jury (baharu)

N27 Lumadan - Kamarlin Ombi (penyandang)

N28 Sindumin - Ahmad Bujang (penyandang)

N29 Kundasang - Dr. Joachim Gunsalam (penyandang)

N30 Karanaan - Datuk Masidi Manjun (penyandang)

N31 Paginatan - Siringan Gubat (pertukaran kawasan)

N32 Tambunan - Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan (penyandang)

N33 Bingkor - Kennedy Jie John@Kenn (baharu)

N34 Liawan - Datuk Sairin Karno (penyandang)

N35 Melalap - Datuk Radin Malleh (penyandang)

N36 Kemabong - Datuk Rubin Balang (penyandang)

N37 Sook - belum diumumkan (kuota PBRS)

N38 Nabawan - Datuk Bobbey Ah Fang Suan (penyandang)

N39 Sugut - Datuk James Ratib (baharu)

N40 Labuk - Datuk Micheal Asang (penyandang)

N41 Gum-gum - Datuk Zakaria Mohd. Edris (penyandang)

N42 Sungai SIbuga - Datuk Seri Musa Aman (penyandang)

N43 Sekong - Datuk Shamsuddin Yahya (penyandang)

N44 Karamunting - belum diumum (kuota LDP)

N45 Elopura - Au Kam Wah (penyandang)

N46 Tanjong Papat - Datuk Raymond Tan Shu Kiah (penyandang)

N47 Kuamut - Masiung Banah (penyandang)

N48 Sukau - Saddi Abdul Rahman (penyandang)

N49 Tungku - Datuk Mohd. Suhaili Said (penyandang)

N50 Lahad Datu - Datuk Mohd. Yusof Apdal (baharu)

N51 Kunak - Nilwan Kaban (penyandang)

N52 Sulabayan - Datuk Jaujan Sambakong (baharu)

N53 Senallang - Datuk Nasir Tun Sakaran (penyandang)

N54 Bugaya - Datuk Ramlee Marahaban (penyandang)

N55 Balung - Datuk Syed Abas Syed Ali (penyandang)

N56 Apas - Datuk Tawfiq Abu Bakar Titingan (penyandang)

N57 Sri Tanjong - Fung Len Fui (baharu)

N58 Merotai - belum diumum (kuota LDP)

N59 Tanjung Batu - Datuk Hamisah Samat (penyandang)

N60 Sebatik - Abd Muis Picho (penyandang)

PRU13: Senarai calon BN Selangor

BERIKUT calon PRU13 Barisan Nasional  (BN) Selangor yang diumumkan hari ini.

BN : Mohd Fasiah Mohd Fakeh

BN : Kamarol Zaki Abdul Malik

BN : Abdul Halim Udin

BN : Noriah Kasnon

BN : Budiman Mohd Zohdi

BN : Kek Seng Hooi

BN : P Kamalanathan

BN : Rosni Sohar

BN : Jessie Ooi

BN : Mat Nadzari Ahmad Dahlan

BN : Noh Omar

BN : Mohd Shamsuddin Lias

BN : Sulaiman Razak

BN : Irmohizam Ibrahim

BN : Jakiran Jacomah

BN : K Parthiban

BN : Amiruddin Setro

BN : Donald Lim Siang Chai

BN : Abdul Shukor Idrus

BN : Lee Li Yew

BN : Subahan Kamal

BN : Raman Ismail

BN : N Rawisandran

BN : Said Anwar Said Ahmad

BN : Abdul Rahim Pandak Kamruddin

BN : Rozaidah Talib

BN : Mohamad Nadzim Ibrahim

BN : Baderisham Jolly

BN : Lim Chin Yee

BN : Muhammad Faizal Sufar

BN : Liew Pok Boon

BN : Adzhaliza Mohd Nor

BN : Ismail Sani

BN : Johan Abd Aziz

BN : Lee Ban Seng

BN : Yap Pian Hon

BN : Mohd Zaidi Md Zain @ Zakaria

BN : Lai Kwong Choy

BN : Chin Toong Kang

BN : A Kohilan Pillay

BN : Mohamad Yusof Mohamed Yassin

BN : Wong Hock Aun

BN : Loh Seng Kok

BN : Gan Meng Foo

BN : Tengku Rethwan Tengku Mansor

BN : Sheah Kok Fah

BN : Ab Wahab Ibrahim

BN : Juan Sei Chang

BN : Chew Hoong Ling

BN : Chong Seng Foo

BN : Lim Choon Kin

BN : A Prakash Rao

BN : Francis Chong Tuck Chiew

BN : Muhammad Bushro Mat Johor

BN : Halimaton Saadiah Bohan

BN : Zulkifli Noordin

BN : Mohd Yusof Din

BN : Ahmad Nawawi M Zin

BN : A Sakthivel

BN : Sukaiman Ahmad

BN : Md Ghazali Md Amin

BN : Lee Siew Chee

BN : Faisal Yahya

BN : Teh Kim Poo

BN : Nassaruddin M Zin

BN : Ching Eu Boon

BN : Maglin Dennis Dcruz

BN : S Murugessan

BN : T Mohan

BN : Mohd Abdul Roaf Mokhtar

BN : Sharuddin Omar

BN : Zurihan Yusop

BN : Tan Cheng Chai

BN : Hasiman Sidom

BN : Mohd Zin Mohamed

BN : Nisman Yusof

BN : Shahrum Mohd Sharif

BN : Ng Chok Sin

PRU13: Senarai calon BN Negeri Sembilan

BERIKUT senarai penuh calon Barisan Nasional (BN) bagi lapan kerusi Parlimen dan 36 dewan undangan negeri di Negeri Sembilan untuk pilihan raya umum ke-13 yang diumum Pengerusi BN Negeri Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan hari ini.

    1. P126 Jelebu - Zainuddin Ismail
    2. P127 Jempol - Tan Sri Mohd. Isa Abdul Samad
    3. P128 Seremban - Datuk Dr. Yeow Chai Thiam
    4. P129 Kuala Pilah - Datuk Hasan Malek
    5. P130 Rasah - Teo Eng Kian
    6. P131 Rembau - Khairy Jamaludin
    7. P132 Telok Kemang - Datuk V.s Mogan
    8. P133 Tampin - Datuk Seri Shaziman Abu Mansor

    1. Chennah - Siow Foo Wen
    2. Pertang - Datuk Jalaludin Alias
    3. Sungai Lui - Mohd. Radzi Mohd Ali
    4. Klawang - Datuk Yunus Rahmat
    5. Serting - Datuk Shamsulkahar Mohd. Deli
    6. Palong - Datuk Lilah Yasin
    7. Jeram Pedang - L.Manikam
    8. Bahau - Dr. Yee Mee Faa
    9. Lenggeng - Datuk Ishak Ismail
    10. Nilai - Gan Chee Biow
    11. Lobak - Titan Hoh Kok Yew
    12. Temiang - Jason Lee Kee Chong
    13. Sikamat - Wan Salwati Abdullah
    14. Ampangan - Abu Ubaidah Redza
    15. Juaseh - Datuk Mohammad Razi Kail
    16. Seri Menanti - Datuk Abd Samad Ibrahim
    17. Senaling - Datuk ismail Lasim
    18. Pilah - Datuk Norhayati Omar
    19. Johol - Fadzil Abu Kassim
    20. Labu - Datuk Hasim Rusdi
    21. Bukit Kepayang - Wong Oi Foon
    22. Rahang - Julia Wong Pik Min
    23. Mambau - Datuk Yu Chok Tow
    24. Senawang - Chong Vee Hing
    25. Paroi - Mohd. Razali Wahid
    26. Chembong - Datuk Zaifulbahri Idris
    27. Rantau - Datuk Seri Mohamad Hasan
    28. Kota - Datuk Dr. Awaludin Said
    29. Chuah - Datuk Seri Lim Chin Fui
    30. Lukut - Vincent Yeong Seng Wong
    31. Bagan Pinang - Tun Khairuddin Tun Abu Bakar
    32. Linggi - Abdul Rahman Mohd. Redza
    33. Port Dickson - Dr. Tanaletchumy
    34. Gemas - Abdul Razak Said
    35. Gemencheh - Mohd. Hisham Mohd. Isa
    36. Repah - Yap Seong Fook

Senarai calon Barisan Nasional (BN) Terengganu

P.33 BESUT - Datuk Seri Idris Jusoh
N.1 Kuala Besut - Dr A Rahman Mokhtar
N2. Kota Putera - Mohd Mahdi Musa (muka baharu)
N3. Jertih - Mohd Pehimi Yusof
N.4 Hulu Besut - Nawi Mohamad

P.34 SETIU - Che Mohamad Zulkifly Jusoh (muka baharu)
N.5 Jabi - Iskandar Jaafar (muka baharu)
N.6 Permaisuri - Datuk Mohd Jidin Shafiee
N.7 Langkap - Sabri Mohd Noor (muka baharu)
N.8 Batu Rakit - Bazlan Abdul Rahman (muka baharu)

P.35 KUALA NERUS - Datuk Mohd Nasir Ibrahim Fikri
N.9 Tepuh - Muhammad Ramli Nuh
N.10 Teluk Pasu - Datuk Abdul Rahin Mohd Said
N.11 Seberang Takir - Datuk Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman
N.12. Bukit Tunggal - Ismail Nik (muka baharu)

P.36 KUALA TERENGGANU - Zuber Embong (muka baharu)
N.13 Wakaf Mempelam - Wan Mahyuddin Wan Ngah (muka baharu)
N.14 Bandar - Datuk Toh Chin Yaw
N.15 Ladang - Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Wan Salleh
N.16 Batu Buruk - Datuk Che Mat Jusoh

P.37 MARANG - Datuk Yahya Khatib Mohamad
N.17 Alur Limbat - Alias Abdullah
N.18 Bukit Payung - Zaidi Muda
N.19 Rhu Rendang - Nik Dir Wan Ku (muka baharu)
N.20 Pengkalan Berangan - A. Latif Awang (muka baharu)

P.38 HULU TERENGGANU - Datuk Jailani Johari (muka baharu)
N.21 Telemong - Rozi Mamat
N.22 Manir - Yusof Awang Hitam (muka baharu)
N.23 Kuala Berang - Datuk Tengku Putera Tengku Awang
N.24 Ajil - Ghazali Taib (muka baharu)

P.39 DUNGUN - Datuk Rosli Mat Hassan
N.25 Bukit Besi - Roslee Daud (muka baharu)
N.26 Rantau Abang - Datuk Za'abar Mohd Adib
N.27 Sura - Zakariah Ali (muka baharu)
N.28 Paka - Datuk Matulidi Mat Jusoh

P.40 KEMAMAN - Datuk Seri Ahmad Shabery Cheek
N.29 Kemasik - Ir. Rosli Othman
N.30 Kijal - Datuk Seri Ahmad Said
N.31 Cukai - Datuk Wan Ahmad Nizam Wan Abdul Hamid
N.32 Air Putih - Wan Abdul Hakim Wan Mokhtar