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Friday, May 3, 2013

Pengundi hantu muncul di kem askar di Sabah

Kota Kinabalu: Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) wants to know why those registered as postal voters turned up at the army camp in Lok Kawi to cast their ballots as advance voters.

Mohd Yunus Sulaiman who was representing Mat Yunin Atin, a candidate contesting the Petagas State seat under the PKR ticket, claimed that postal voters turned up to cast their votes on Apr 30 despite having done so on an earlier date via postal vote.

"I felt something amiss and I informed polling clerks from contesting parties about this and these voters were then not allowed to cast their votes because they are registered as postal voters. I believe there were perhaps some 50 people involved but we have not lodged a police report because we have to discuss with all other polling agents on how to resolve this matter," he claimed.

He claimed to have referred the matter to the Election Commission officials on duty at that time and that they cooperated by not allowing these people to vote for a second time.

He also believed most of those supposed to cast their postal votes had no voting experience.

"For example when they received their ballot papers, they took it and marked it in front of the others, when they should have gone to the cubicle to cast their votes.

"I find this strange because I believe they must have had voting experience prior to this and I am confident there were certain people voting on their behalf," he claimed.

"When I asked them if they have voted before, they said it was the first time but there were some who used their fingers marked with the indelible ink to mark the ballot papers and they did not even know where the cubicle was," he claimed.

He said he came to the media to highlight the issue because he felt people had the right to know what is happening.

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