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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Alasan SESB sebelum naikan letrik

KOTA KINABALU: The increasing number of consumers and the recent heatwave has resulted in electricity consumption rising to the highest level ever recorded at 830 Megawatt (MW) on June 28 this year at 2.30pm, according to Sabah Electricity Sdn Bhd (SESB).

The drastic increase of 22MW from 808MW recorded in May 26 this year has sparked concern over a potential energy crisis in the State if the consumers do not practise power conservation.

In view of this, SESB has undertaken proactive measures to increase the power generating capacity in Sabah as a whole.

“We, however, call on the consumers to play their role and work closely with us to practise using energy efficiently in their daily life so that this limited resources are not wasted,” said SESB Corporate Services general manager Wan Maria Othman Lee in a statement yesterday.

With the increase in demand for power during peak hours, consumers are advised to reduce wastage and utilise the energy wisely.

“Switching off lights in rooms when they are not required is a power saving act, which we very much encourage. This could also bring the electricity bill down,” she said.

The three-hour power rationing per day in Sabah which was carried out in 2009 may be repeated if consumers in the State fail to practise power saving.

Wan Maria said power saving is one of the most important elements in managing power demand.

“It is just as simple as switching off an electrical appliance when it is not needed or used. Your action will bring big impact on power saving in the State,” she said.

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Aisha Apple said...

SESB, they didn't do what they should do and now, they want to increase the taarif.
They are cheating at some point and burden rakyat for this kind of scam. What a shame.