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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wanita KEADILAN launches ‘Wajah’ to tap women power

LET’S TRY THIS: Voon (centre) trying to apply makeup to a programme participant while Nurhanim looks on following the launching of the Wajah programme.

KUCHING: Wanita KEADILAN officially launched their ‘Wajah’ programme nationwide on Saturday.

Its vice-president Voon Siak Ni said Wajah (short for ‘Wanita KEADILAN Menjelajahi Kampung’) represented an approach to get closer to the community, especially those in the villages.

“Our target group is women from the kampungs, whom we believe do not get enough media exposure. Therefore, we need to create awareness among them about their rights, current social issues and the importance of women in the society,” she said.

Meanwhile, state KEADILAN information chief See Chee How, who launched the programme, said because women were a significant number in the voting population there was need to raise social awareness in order to carry the message for change to the people in the kampungs.

“KEADILAN Women have been very active in championing women’s issues and Wajah is a channel for them to reach out to other women,” said the Batu Lintang assemblyman.

According to state Wanita KEADILAN chief Nurhanim Mokhsen, the party aimed to encourage women to take part in politics even if they were just housewives.

“We want to carry the message across to these women that it is okay to be a housewife and at the same time be in politics or stand up for their rights,” she said.

Thirty women took part in the programme which included cooking demonstrations and makeup sessions.

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