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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Opposition disappointed over arrest of state PKR youth secretary

RECENT EXAMPLE: Ling (second left) shows a copy of the case involving Kapar MP while (from left) Majen, Fung and Abun listen.

MIRI: The opposition front here yesterday expressed its disappointment over the arrest and detention of Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) youth secretary.

The 38-year-old aspiring politician was ordered to be remanded for three days for an alleged offence under Section 47 of Society Act 1966 for promoting the ‘Bersih 2.0’ rally, to wit, wearing yellow T-shirt printed with the words ‘Bersih 2.0’ on Monday.

Citing the case involving Kapar MP, Pujut assemblyman Ling Sie Kiong, who is also the suspect’s counsel said that S Manikavasagam was detained and investigated by the police under the same section but was released four hours later after his statement had been recorded.

“I believe that the police here have the same capability and efficiency to complete their investigation. In respect to my client, she was arrested at 1.45pm (Monday) and the police have ample time to carry out an investigation,” he told reporters after a court sitting here yesterday (5 July 2011).

Ling felt that further remand was not necessary and the grounds stated by the police were inadequate and standardised investigation ground.

“We are disappointed by the three days (remand) granted by the court and we feel that the BN government is using the police to deter the people from the planned rally on July 9,” he added.

According to Ling, the police had lately arrested many people but released them immediately after their statements had been recorded.

“Now they are detaining us as the date gets closer. We are very disappointed over this and we know that the police have been pressured by the authority which we understand,” he said.

Pujut assemblyman Fung Pau Teck, the suspect’s counsels Abun Sui Anyit and Majen Panyog were among those present at the press conference.

Meanwhile, according to Abun, the suspect had actually gone to Kuching to visit a family member warded at a hospital there.

“The trip had nothing to do with the rally because everybody knows about the rally now.”

During her (suspect) visit to Kuching, her husband took care of their five children here.

The youngest child is only seven years old.

The husband who works offshore was supposed to report for work but now has to postpone the trip as he has to take care of the children.

Her counsels are hoping that the police would do their investigation fast and in a good manner.

They are also urging the police to release the suspect and not to remand her further after they have completed their investigation.

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