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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Sabah DAP infrastructure bureau chief John Lee Kim Seng and the Local government and Housing Bureau chief Edward Mujie received many complaints concerning the stretch of 6 KM bad road between Inanam and Menggatal.

This portion of road had been the headache for the many road users in the area for many years. The road surface is uneven, dirty and dusty, and filled with pot holes. During the rain, there are muddy spot and pool of water collected on the road surface, and even severe flooding at places. The bad road condition led to road accidents in the area, and there is no street light too.

John said this portion of the Tuaran Road is heavily used by the people daily, due to the concentration of heavy industries, factories, stone quarry, shops and the population residing here. Every day there are more than a thousand of light and heavy vehicles using this important trunk road.

The JKR seems not having a concerted effort to upgrade and rebuild this section of road. There is the need to make good the condition before any fatal accident occurred. They need to redo the ‘U’ turns, junctions, drains, round-about, street lights, trees, traffic lights, and the whole road surface.

There were an allocation for this job given sometimes ago, about RM 21 millions, where is this money, and it is believed to have been shifted to other project. The government should make available an allocation for the job immediately and should not wait any longer.

This is part of the KK City area and we want good road in the city, perhaps DBKK should come in to request and seek funding for the said upgrading work.

Edward commented that we usually see good roads are being resurfaced over and over again, and yet bad roads get no attention at all. This indicated an imbalance usage of public fund, and the contracts of the road maintenance companies should be reconsidered and reshuffled to meet the requirement.

The various authorities should be more alert in handling, executing and discharging their duties. This is in order to service the people well. We don’t want to see many things are not going well in Sabah.


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