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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Krisis PRS

By Audie Chua


A seasoned politician used the termed,”Pokok-pokok sedang di goyang lagi di PRS” Its nothing dissimilar to tactics practised in PBB where the threats of Abu Bakar, Adenan Satem and Abang Johari are kept in checked and distilled clear by those aligned to CM Pehin Taib.

PRS needs to be checked further before its full blown like H1N1. Certain terms I used he said means that its for REAL . The Hidden Hands are really working overtime as informed sources close to audie61 mentioned. You honestly think they will just lie low when the “Blessings are already Given”. Najib is watching very closely on this latest development. Najib knows that this PRS illness dates back to PBDS days.

Its now that James needs to turn to his only one trusted young Malay Lawyer. No point in hiding him in the closet anymore. He is well informed of the groundswell and President James needs to listen and MANOEUVRE his closest aides now. Will James be safe by him or be abandon by him? There are no Permanent enemies in Politics and there is word that the only spin doctor in James camp is now already playing DOUBLES.

PKR Sarawak are watching this development with interests. A further split in the ranks in PRS is like ‘Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony” says the divisional member of PKR. We don’t think James is as brave as our Pakatan leaders in Anwar,Hadi and Kit Siang in facing the press headon and it is like a strong left and right uppercut on the face of UMNO/BN. Over to PRS and the leaders who needs to correct the under currents sweeping through the party now.

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PRS Postponed TDC to MARCH / APRIL 2010

By Abdul Hakim Bujang

A small bird called Sarawak Update saying that Joe Entulu has called James Masing, citing the noise are not more than Pakatan orchestrated “Pantomime”.

Ironically, the small bird was defensive when asked why TDC had to be postponed to March/April.

The small bird refused to acknowledged that Joe Entulu is actually buying time, stressing that Masing and PRS are tackling the situation.

“They are investigating who is the hidden hand out to destabilise PRS,” the bird whistle…

The bird said the problem was blown out of proportion by the Pakatan….

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