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Thursday, June 25, 2009

krisis PRS: Masing left with eight months


A journalist friend called me up yesterday, seeking help to find out more about the problem within Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS).

He was confused because there is nothing much he knew about Dayak latest political scenario, particularly PRS.

He was baffled when reading Sarawak Update that all is not well in PRS now because everything seems okay on the surface.

There was not a single news about PRS crisis in the mainstream, including the Borneo Post that famously bragged “Without Fear or Favour”…. (Datuk Dr Soon Choon Teck will think otherwise, wa ka ka ka ka.)

PRS members and PRS former members have been calling me to tell their version of stories about the party problem. Of course none of them dare to be quoted.

The only guy who spoke in the open with me and willing to be quoted is PRS youth leader Audie Chua….

Audie is blogging extensively about PRS problem but in a rather tactful way. Audie stressed that he is a PRS life member and is loyal to the party struggle.

He is optimist that Masing and Entulu will be able to solve the internal problem. That however, was Audie personal opinion. Many PRS leaders are now thinking otherwise. They find it very difficult to tolerate Masing brand of leadership.

I have been trying very hard to get PRS leaders speaking to my reporters, but none dare. Majority are observing some kind of “gag order”.

It is learned that many things had happened in the past, especially Masing unwitty remarks against his YB that is deemed not a true blue PRS.

Masing is blessed with problem that he inherited from PBDS crisis. Two of his MP’s reluctantly joined PRS prior to PRU12 - Datuk Joseph Salang and Aaron Ago Dagang - formerly from Tan Sri Leo Moggie and Datuk Seri Daniel Tajem faction.

It is learned that Masing proposed Salang name to become full Minister under the new cabinet, probably trying to unite the former PBDS and PRS members, and entice those joining Pakatan to come back.

Unfortunately, the action does not go down very well among Entulu supporters. They said Entulu deserved to be recommended as full Minister by virtue of his position as PRS deputy president.

Furthermore, some PRS members are still suspicious of Salang, whom they said was never a PRS member.

Entulu supporters are of the view that Masing never recognised his Deputy President contribution, show him due respect and share the fruit of their struggle together.

Apart from Salang and Aaron, Masing was also blessed with two “PBB”-linked YB’s in PRS vice president and Balai Ringin ADUN, Snowdan Lawan and Sri Aman MP, Masir Kujat whom he always criticise.

Masing action provoked the two YB’s supporters and they are now openly throwing their weight behind Entulu, although Snowdan and Masir, never approved or prevent their supporters from commenting on the issues.

Given if Snowdan and Masir is endorsing Entulu to challenge Masing, the PRS president will be having tough time. Snowdan is the son of Donald Lawan, one of Sarawak most successful bumiputera businessman.

Now that Masing no longer enjoying Dato Sng Chee Hua comradeship, it was not immediately known where is Joe Salang stand.

Salang and Masing relationship are far from cordial in the past, that sparked a war in PBDS and eventually led to its deregistration.

Audie told me that Masing only advisor now is a young Malay lawyer, who is a non executive independent director of Sarawak government linked companies that is associated to Ministry of Land Development.

Audie blogged about this in his own weblog and is predicting that the contest will take place in December.

Out of the blue, suddenly a little bird who whistled on the condition of anonymity break the news that PRS TDC would be postponed until March or April, thus giving Joe Entulu more time to play his card…..

Good luck Masing, after going through so many crisis, I am sure you will be able to fight the hidden hand but can you cure the animosity?


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