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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The best time for PRS and SPDP merger

By Tedewin Ngumbang

The best time for these two Dayak-based parties (though multiracial) to merge into one entity is now. Both William Mawan and Dr James Masing should bury all past suspicions, if any, and all unsavoury remarks/actions purportedly initiated by SPDP during PRS crises and thereafter, SPDP’s alledged support to Gabriel Adit against PRS’s Alexander Vincent in the last Sarawak State Election should be thrown into the backburner.

William is already into the mending ties mode. He said that he is even willing to step aside to give way for a new President of the merged Party. Additionally, SPDP is gearing to assist PRS to recapture Ngemah from Adit. The SPDP President said that actions should be initiated rather than rhetorics to demonstrate genuineness and sincerity.

As for PRS, it is now a clearly settled Party, after the bitter battle between the feuding factions that dragged up to nearly two years.

More importantly, the party seemed to carry on without any “tangibles” towkays behind. The Dayak-based Party, is seen for the first time, not obligated or controlled by defacto wealthy individual or family with self interests. In reality, this cannot be said in the case of SPDP. This is where the big contention is.

PRS is postponing its TDC, slated for 3rd December this year, to see how SPDP’s TGA is unfolding. SPDP’s TGA is scheduled to be held on the 20th Nov this year. Circles in PRS is keen to watch who will be the new officebearers. Will the “defacto” financer be in a top flight or not? Already, an individual there is holding an unprecedented 3 posts simultaneously.

PRS is wary of this situation. They do not want scenarios repetitive of the SNAP, PBDS days, allowing outside financiers to control the parties and, their own bitter experiences just a fewmonths ago. Hence, this is the major consideration for PRS to woo and marry SPDP. PRS is short of telling SPDP ” get rid of your defacto leader” and we will merge!

Tedewin is a PRS supreme council member and is blogging at theborneowarrior.blogspot.com

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