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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dayakbaru must help with voters registration

Seriously, there must be some joint-effort to register more Dayak voters in order to push the ‘Change’ message further. Here Dayak unions associations NGOs must work with Pakatan parties (and maybe with MAFREL also) to launch Dayak voter registration iniative.

“Jom Daftar Pengundi!

Use the slogan like “Jom Daftar Pengundi! Kita Semua Hapuskan BN!” or “Aram Meh Kitai Register Pengundi! Ngelaban BN, Ngelaban!”. The focus surely on large number of Dayak youths or rural Dayak folks that having difficulties to register due to distance or time.

Apart from that, open seminar on voting rights, ethics, harrasment (nobody can force to take your IC) etc can be conducted in Dayak longhouses, village halls to better inform the Dayaks of self-belief that together we can kick BN once and for all.

Election Commission and BN may react

While Election Commission and BN will view this iniative suspiciously, it is understandable but why stop this kind of open charity work, it’s just to help fellow more Dayak to register as voters.

So far, the voter’s registration effort by EC is either not really pro-active or rely on pull tactic to ask the public come forward to register rather than all-out push tactic encourage as much new registration coming in. If this issue shall be raised, both BN and Pakatan will scramble to do it but in the end, Dayak will benefits as more will be registered.

Use the power of Dayak Youth

Well, just an idea to share to Dayakbaru. Power to the Dayak youth, not the illegal Indon muppets secretly handed with fake mykad suddenly appeared as new mutiple BN voters.

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