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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Is this illegal 4D Operations brazenly operating at various shoplots within MBKS and MPP jurisdiction?

Environment and Public Health Minister Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh confirmed that ‘Da Ma Cai’ better known as ‘Telelink’, outlets n Sarawak were illegal.

An MBKS personnel, who declined to be named; described the presence of Telelink in Sarawak ‘as a grey area’. “Gaming licences come under the federal-legislation. The Telelink issue is a grey area. But as far as the council is concerned, there is no provision for us to license them.”

Another MBKS personnel told The Borneo Post that the matter was being studied’ by the state government to see which section of the law could be used against Telelink.

Nonetheless, the mayor made it clear that action would be taken. “Yes, definitely. But these outlets are spread out. There could be quite a lot in the state. So all the local councils must take coordinated action, rather than working independently.

Source – MBKS

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