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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

New Sarawak DUN Complex: Something To Be Proud Of, Or To Be Ashamed Of?

Whenever I drive past Gambier Road, my stomach starts to cave in and I want to cringe. Why? I get this reflex as soon as I sight the new DUN complex across the river. I have never such an eyesore in my lifetime, and I doubt I ever will. What was once eye-pleasing green rolling hills and part of a quaint Malay kampong, sits in its place a grotesque monstrosity. The tranquility and charm of this part of Kuching has been vanquished by the construction of a government structure which could not be built anywhere else but here, destroying the harmony and quintessence of ‘Across River’ forever.

From tomorrow auxiliary cops will be guarding the new DUN complex 24/7, 365 a year. Meanwhile at Kuching Waterfront on the opposite bank, the police are powerless to stop the mugging of tourists and the frequency of snatch thefts on unwary pedestrians.
Not to mention the wastage of public funds to finance a ridiculously expensive and grandiose building where the state assembly meets twice a year for a fortnight in May and November. When the ‘old’ DUN complex would still have continued to serve its purpose well.

After almost 50 years of independence, rural Sarawakians still live in a world of their own caught in a time warp: no clean water, no electricity, no well equipped schools, no dental care and inadequate healthcare, if available.

Erstwhile, it is so pretentious that our politicians will be discussing poverty in a showy 6-star multimillion ringgit structure wantonly conjured by a few people in power.

Until our politicians have the decency to contemplate meaningfully use of taxpayers’ money for the good of the Sarawak people, no amount of trumpeting about the grandeur of the new DUN complex can redeem them in the eyes of any Sarawakian worth his salt.

Let this grotesque showpiece stand as monument and testament to the excesses of Sarawak politicians for a long, long time to come.


New Sarawak DUN Complex: Rolling hills have been destroyed and part of a Malay kampong removed to make way for its construction.
Old Sarawak DUN Complex:  What is wrong with it?  Why waste public funds?

Old Sarawak DUN Complex: What is wrong with it? Why waste public funds?

BY: linasoo.

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