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Friday, July 17, 2009

SMC to build RM180m hosp?

Sabah Medical Centre Sdn Bhd (SMC) is believed to be planning to acquire 4.163 acres off Jalan Damai, Luyang, costing RM10 million per acre.

The purpose is to build a RM180 million replacement hospital in the wake of the Government's purchase of the existing SMC at a cost of about RM275 million.

A resolution to this effect under the heading "Acquisition of Town Lease 017553221 comprising 4.163 acres of land" on the agenda is likely to be tabled for consideration and approval at the company's Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) on July 24.

It is the second of five proposed resolutions which are expected to be deliberated upon and approved at the EGM, of which a notice dated July 10 has been given to all shareholders.

It reads as follows :

"To resolve that the approval is granted under Section 132C of the Companies Act, 1965 to acquire the parcel of land held under Town Lease 017553221 comprising 4.163 acres more or less situated off Jalan Damai, Luyang, Kota Kinabalu at a purchase price of RM10,000,000.00 per acre as the contingent to construct a replacement private medical centre to continue providing medical care service upon the materialisation of the sale of SMC building to Ministry of Health (MOH), on such terms and conditions as the directors of SMC shall deem fit."

This will be preceded by Resolution 1 which is for the disposal by SMC of its ownership in the land held under Town Lease 017553212 together with the hospital building and an inventory of plants and equipment to the MOH for a sum of not less than RM275 million.

According to the notice, the third item on the agenda is to resolve that the Board of Directors be empowered and authorised on behalf of SMC to cause to design, build, equip and operate a new hospital building of 250 bedded at a budget of not more than RM180 million on Town Lease 017553221.

Daily Express contacted Chairman of Sabah Medical Centre Sdn Bhd, Dr Tseu Fui Loong, who confirmed the convening of the EGM.

He, however, said he was not aware that a copy of the notice had been circulated to the media and abruptly ended the conversation.

Meanwhile, the Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) again said that the proposal to convert Wisma Khidmat here into a private hospital is a bad idea due to many reasons, particularly its safety and suitability.

Its Information Chief, Chong Pit Fah, said the proposed conversion site was bad as the building and location were not suitable for a medical set-up.

"Is this private hospital upon completion going to provide free medical treatment to the people of Sabah because the Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman had said that it would be given on loan to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) while waiting for the other planned government hospital to be completed," he said in a statement to Bernama.

Chong said the Wisma Khidmat building, which was built more than 25 years ago, was also not suitable for a medical set-up because it was then built for commercial purposes.

He said there was no guarantee that the building was safe for occupancy after being abandoned for several years as many parts of the building might be damaged. He said problems like congestion might occur in the area because there was limited space for parking and this could spill over to the surrounding area.

"What the Chief Minister should do is to use of his good office to press the Federal Government to speed up the construction of the twin towers of the QEH after its main block was declared unsafe late last year," he said.

He added that the city had already been deprived of a general hospital facility for 254 days after the QEH debacle.

The private hospital costing over RM100 million would have 150 beds and medical facilities such as an operating theatre. It will also be owned by the Sabah Credit Corporation (SCC), the building owner.

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