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Sunday, July 12, 2009


Former Selangor Menteri Besar,Khir Toyo may have some stiff competition in his bungalow fiasco as his comrades in Sabah are making headway and are not to far off.
This somehow reminds me of some of our Sabah politicians’ palaces in Sabah. Perhaps we should strongly recommend Sabah Tourism to list them as part of our tourist attraction.

One such politician is the Deputy Chief Minister(DCM) of Sabah,Datuk Yahya Hussein (pic left).An Assistant Superintendent of Police prior to his early exit from the Royal Malaysian Police Force(PDRM),his last posting was the Officer Commanding Police District(OCPD)of Tuaran,before calling it a day to be active in politics.

This Putatan YB,has now not only join the ranks of the likes of Khir Toyo,but has raised eyebrows among the people as to the massive size of his bungalow,while only being the DCM.While it maybe his prerogative as to how he uses his “earned money”,he should also now explain where and how he managed to own such a humongous piece of property fully equip with all the luxuries of life.The Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission(MACC) should immediately commence investigation on Yahya Hussein as to how he obtain the funds,and Yahya must come clean with the outcome of the investigation made public.

Situated in a beautiful sea frontage setting,Yahya Hussein’s bungalow (pic above) with all it’s finishing is reliably learnt to be estimated at RM 20 million?From the size of the bungalow,it would be hard to even imagine that Yahya Hussein’s property would cost lower then Khir Toyo’s Balinese-mansion of RM3.5 million.Also in the list of the rich and famous of the Putatan warlords is YB Ramlee Marahaban,who is coincidentally Yahya’s neigbour(note the massive size of his house,pic below)

As the State Agriculture and Food Industries Minister as well,one wonders,what economic changes has Yahya implemented that will see Sabahans free from the crutches of poverty?In a recent poll conducted in my blog,”Who would be more qualified to replace Musa Aman as the next Chief Minister of Sabah”?,it was not shocking that Yahya Hussein did not even receive a single vote.If the results is any indication of his incompetency as the DCM, Yahya Hussein may see his next 3 years as his final lap in politics before the people shows him a painful exit at the 13th General Elections.
Posted by Ronnie Klassen at 2:57 AM

masdarwahid: hampir 100% kerusi di Sabah adalah parti Bini Najib (BN)


Eric said...

hahaha... what the big deal with big house :)
Nevermind la... Just think that he deserve it :)

Pacher said...

Tourist attraction??? hahahaha...
Dont think too -ve la... As long as Datuk Yahya help the Sabahans, then it should be no problem:)

Faizal said...

Dont say bad things about Yahya la or our gov la...
It is our right to think or say anything we want to but... plz remember that this guy selalu turun padang juga tau...
Then we should give him some credit instead of condemn him:)

Anonymous said...

Only Datuk Yahya know the answer...
So, lets hope his explanation can satisfy all parties:)