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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dayak Politics to Come Soon - SPDP

Sarawak People Democratic Party

SPDP TGA is coming up soon - before the end of 2009. Already there are many speculation on the new line-up. One of which is that of the Deputy President Position - currently held by YB Nyarok. Rumours failed to go away that Bintulu MP Dato Seri Tiong is challenging the position.

Dato Seri Tiong Position in SPDP

He is the Treasurer General and Youth Leader of SPDP and Member of Parliament for Bintulu. At Parliament, he is the BN Back Bencher Chairman. This mean the Bintulu MP is an important person in SPDP and also a well placed politician in BN organization.

These position gives him great power which he can wield to further his political position within SPDP and BN in general.

Kuala Demensi

Dato Seri Tiong Company and in his person is now under investigation by at least 30 MACC investigators after an audit report of PKFZ is made public. More evidence is needed to determine the nature of any wrong doing.

What is more important now is some BN MP are asking for Bintulu MP resignation not withstanding the investigation outcome. Meaning - the MPs has found him unacceptable as peer and that he is gulty ( without proof).

Why attack MCA?

Dato Seri retaliation attack on MCA President is at best furtile. The whole MCA membership will back their President who has an entirely different political objective and support from Tiong. The attack only erode MCA support for Tiong which he will need to survive this investigation on his business.

What Effect has this case in SPDP

Big time - i must say. Most people believed that Dato Seri Tiong is the main financier of SPDP. Without his money, SPDP may find the going difficult to finance its activities and election campaign.

For Datuk Nyarok - maybe this will remind SPDP members that they need to vote a leader without legal liabilities hanging over his head.

The investigation may lead to Tiong eventually removal as Member of Parliament - depending on the outcome. That being so, SPDP would be presented with a golden opportunity to clean its house and remain a Dayak Party.

Dayak Party

When SPDP / PRS are both Dayak party - it may be an opportunity for the Dayak political leadership to unite. This leadershipunity maybe an opportunity for uncommitted political Dayakto make the move to be united in one party.


All of these are speculation - relying on “IFs”.It is however possible as the ballis now on the roll. It is matter to the Dayak larger community to be patient and look at the possibilities that can be drawn from this situation. Can it be turn into something constructive at the expense of Dato Seri Tiong. We can just hope.

Dayakbaru - politics is always fluid. Do not despair. We are people with precise political cause. We can wait and look for opportunities to push our agenda forward.

Change We Must - a change from being mere spectator to become lead actor in a political drama

Written by Dr. John Brian Anthony

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